Crop Circles: The Real Picture

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Cropcircle Phenomenon Explained

Crop circles are symbolic patterns which have been forming around the globe in crop laden fields. 'Crop Circles' is a famous term but the designs are not always circular & thus the more accurate term would be 'Crop Designs or Formations'.

One thing which is immediately clear to anyone (barring professional sceptics!) who steps into any real crop circle for the first time is that they are not man-made. We can't even draw these patterns properly on a piece of paper in a matter of minutes let alone stamp them on a huge area on a wheat field with hairbreadth precision.

Formed in 2002 near Windmill Hill, Wiltshire

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Prashant Trivedi in Crop Formations

The Hard Facts -

1. The crop circles are formed within the blinking of an eye, a fact substantiated by numerous eyewitness accounts and film footages.

2. None of the stalks are ever broken. They are all gently folded down in a perfectly ordered circular pattern.

3. The edges of the circles are extremely smooth and the demarcation between the rolled over stalks and standing stalks is astoundingly precise.


4. The scale of the circle formation is usually quite huge. Most of them can only be properly viewed and assessed from the air. Some of the formations have up to 400 individual circles strewn across an area over 900 yards.

Formed in Sept'2001 at Milkhill, Wiltshire
900ft in diameter having 409 circles

5. The designs are perfectly symmetrical and incorporate advanced mathematics and geometry.

crop crop
Formed in 2002 near Stonehenge & Barbury, Wiltshire respectively

6. The crop stalks show evidence of being genetically altered.

In the last 30 years alot of skeptics have tried to prove that crop circles are manmade hoaxes, but their attempts have never gone past making jaggedy patterns which don't resemble a proper circle from any vantage point. All that's usually left behind is a messy heap of damaged crop stalks.

It is common practice in today's society to dispose any such phenomenon which can't be explained through science or rationality to the rubbish-bin of "paranormal".

Those few who are genuinely interested find themselves contending with a hundred thousand theories thrown at them from a plethora of scholars, engineers, ufologists, newagers, geologists, meterologists etc. No wonder one is always left with more questions than answers.

However the answers have always been with us. The only barrier which stands between us and the truth of the issue is the reluctance to accept there is something 'higher' from this dimension and beyond at play ...

The Answers -

it is an interdimensional phenomenon

(sound, light & electromagnetics are involved)

which is now clearly stating that

divine in form of PT is in charge

the phenomenon started in earnest

only after PT's birth

with himalayan snow circles

( yes they don't always happen in just crops )

since 2003 there have been

more than

100 direct responses to

PT's play, activities & messages

a year by year breakdown of the responses to PT ~

those who cannot handle the truth

that there is something way higher than them

right amongst them

are making all kinds of

silly interpretations

involving everything from

completely debunking them to

relating them to

monalisa to marilyn monroe to eclipses

to refrigeration equipment

to wishful automatic ascension in 2012

a complete waste of time & energy

but they don't seem to mind utter futility

soul evolution and a way out of hell

is not on their agenda

they would rather keep their

little boring painful

hellish structures going

rather than open up to the divine light

& get some bliss into their sorry existence

there are many who are

trying to prevent

the crop circle phenomenon from happening -

for the full story of cropcircle shown in this video click here

a laughworthy attempt

what are they trying to preserve anyways

their structure is already crumbling down

with their offsprings all on verge of suicide

the fact that they

rule this planet by fraud

is no secret anymore

it cannot/willnot last

no matter how hard they try

all antidivine stances

have their use by date

Email :

For what purpose?

The crop formation phenomenon like many other things is a battleground for struggle between the 'evil' & divine' It is a testing ground for whose magic is stronger and who has more control of the multiversal functionings. The messages which come through the divine will are more pleasant & evolutionary. The messages (formations) which come through the evil demiurge are more tech related & fear mongering.

A recent crop circle near Avebury
which mirrors the 4 major stars of the constellation of Cygnus ( The Swan )

Si(cy)gnus Swan Song

Why do they primarily appear in specific areas like the Wiltshire plains of England?

1. The area lies on a major leyline (astral-physical interface) and has been a sacred site for millenia, as indicated by the presence of stonecircles like Avebury and Stonehenge.

Fun Points ~

2. The area is easily accessible ( only one and half hours from London ). Obviously the idea is to reach out to as many people as possible !

3. The fields are relatively small and the formations are never too far from the road.

4. There are a lot of natural and man-made hills in the area which makes it very easy to sight a new formation.

An aerial image showing Avebury area;
silbury hill can be seen at top center;
the stones are located in and around the village center

5. Wheat/Barley/Rapeseed fields provide an ideal canvas for circlemakers.

new new
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Rough Diagram & Arial Picture (taken 1 day later) of the new cropcircle
we discovered near the east kennett/west overton T junction
in Wiltshire on 1 Aug 2003
The couple of pictures above are taken in this circle

A recent crop circle near Hackpen Hill
The pictures below are taken in this circle

What does it feel like to stand in the middle of a crop circle?

... its like shaking hands with the other side ...


Image Above - 7 Chakras Crop Circle below the White Horse at Manningford Bohune

Image Above - Swastika Crop Circle below the White Horse at Manningford Bohune

Image Above - Crop Circle below the White Horse at Alton Barnes

Image Above - Crop Circle right next to the Silbury Hill, Avebury

Image Above & below - Star-Shaped Crop Circle adjacent to the Silbury Hill, Avebury


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