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Astrology - Its Importance and Relevance
by Prash Trivedi

  • The word 'Astrology' is derived from two roots - 'aster,' or star, and 'logos,' or logic - giving it the meaning 'star logic'.

  • The importance of Astrology in our lives can be gauged from the real meaning of the word 'disaster.' The word 'disaster' is made up of two roots - 'dis' or separation, and 'aster' or stars - giving it the meaning 'separation from the stars. The implications of this meaning in relation with the present understanding of this word are not hard to see.

  • Astrology is our only connection with the cosmos. All we have is sky above and ground below.

  • Astrology connects the patterns in the heavens with the happenings on earth.

  • Astrology is the oldest among sciences. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the cosmos and it will be relevant as long as the universe exists

  • Astrology is the soul of astronomy ... it begins where astronomy stops. Astronomy without Astrology is as lifeless as a body without a soul ...it is similar to trying to appreciate a painting by analyzing the chemical composition of the colours used.

  • Astrology is the language of the stars ... it is in fact the Universal language.

  • Astrology is basically a science of time. Every moment in time has a certain quality attached to it. By being born at a particular moment in time under the heavens we imbibe this quality. The personal horoscope is just a simplified map of the heavens at the moment we are born. It is in turn a guide map for our journey through time on the planet known as earth.

  • Astrology does not pronounce any judgement. Just like nature, it has no good or bad. It just reveals what was, what is, and what can be.

  • Astrology is not about depending on fate as a lot of people purport it to be. In fact, it puts more emphasis on karma than fate. Today's 'karma' is tomorrow's 'fate'.

  • Astrology is the science of 'light' and lights the path known as life. It is finally up to us to traverse the path once it has been lighted.

  • Astrology is not about bondage to a cruel hand of fate or destiny but all about attaining freedom through understanding and proper use of our freewill.

  • Astrology functions upon the natures law - "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Our fate (present life) is made up of our own actions (past) and thus can be dissolved only by our own actions (present). It is all a question of varying forces. Supposing if our previous actions carry a weight of 100 lb. and if our effort (in the present) outweighs 100 lb. we will overcome our fate.

  • Astrology lets us know what tools we have at our disposal in the present life and how we can make best possible use of them.

  • Astrology is the answer to the 'why' of everything with in the realm of human existence.

  • Astrology is a catalyst in our evolutionary journey ... it can help us learn our lessons with the minimum of strife.

  • Astrology is all about lessening confusion and increasing clarity.

  • Astrology is all-encompassing ... it covers all the spheres of human existence. It is the root of psychology, healing and all other humanitarian pursuits.

  • Astrology is all-inclusive ... it has no bias for any race, religion, gender, culture or nationality. It has space for all the modern branches of science and even those who don't believe in it!

  • Astrology has much more to offer than just being a tool for foretelling the future.

  • Astrology is the chord linking the past, present and the future.

  • Astrology is a conscious way of living our lives on earth. In Plato's words " a life unanalyzed is not worth living"... it is a wonderful tool for self-introspection and self-analysis.

  • Astrology is a personal as well as a collective science.

  • Astrology is more about understanding than belief ... it is a knowledge system not a belief system.

  • Astrology is the key to attaining the understanding of the workings of the Universal Mind.

  • Astrology basically deals with consciousness ... it works on a material level through the level of consciousness.

  • Astrology in a sense deciphers the handwriting of the Creator ... it unravels the message inherent in the stars spawning the night sky.

  • Astrology is the only common link between all the existing as well as the ancient cultures.

  • Astrology is not a science of chance, but since probabilities exist at the quantum level of existence as modern physics has found they do so at the macro level as well. So astrology doesn't say a certain event is going to happen. It only indicates that there is a certain probability of an event happening.

  • Astrology is as valid as its practitioner. It can only be pronounced valid or invalid after being put to test like everything else. Sir Isaac Newton's retort when a fellow scientist was questioning its validity - ," but Sir, I practice it and you don't " - puts this point in perspective.

  • Astrology is amazingly accurate ... it can work accurately even on a daily or hourly basis if required.





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