OSFA Founder ~ Prash Trivedi

Prash Trivedi is one of the world's foremost authorities on Jyotish. His ancestral background includes notable Sanskrit scholars, writers, astrologers and Ayurvedic practitioners. From a very young age he was surrounded by ancient vedic mythology & cosmology.

"India's most insightful young astrologer!"

- David Frawley
President of American Council of Vedic Astrology

He pursued his higher education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. After completing his degree, he received an invitation to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to meet the Elders of the Hopi native American Indian tribe of Arizona. Journey page

He returned to India and in 2000 wrote his first book on Vedic Astrology ~ "The Key of Life - Astrology of the Lunar Nodes" . This work has been recognised by experts all over the world as being the most informative work on the lunar nodes (Rahu & Ketu) till date.

Prash manages to incorporate Vedic Astrology along with other fringe systems in his research and work.

His vision is to arrive at a unified and universal form of Astrology, which would be a direct result of the synthesis of Jyotish with other systems like tarot etc. This universal approach to Astrology would also involve other fringe systems besides the symbols and mythologies of the Ancients.

In November 2000 in New York he formed the Orion School & Foundation For Astrology .

In March 2001 he appeared on London's BBC Radio and the Breakfast Show on Channel Five to discuss the benefits of Vedic Astrology and highlight the argument against the popular Sun-Sign astrology.

His second book "Sun - The Cosmic Powerhouse" was published in 2002 and coincided with his appearance on "The Laura Lee Show", California.

Prash's latest offering is a comprehensive illustrated work on the 27 Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions). It has been released under the title "The 27 Celestial portals" in the west and "The Book of Nakshatras" in India.

Since that time OSFA has expanded into a busy consultation service with many international clients, students and members.

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