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Living for a New Future

by Prash Trivedi


Throughout all nations, many feel the pain arising out of empty and directionless living.

Millions lack an understanding of what human life is about, how precious it is, and how we might best make use of our time and resources while on earth.

The illusion of the modern world seems to offer so much, yet many know something very vital is missing.

Humanity has lost touch with mother nature, and the effects of this are clearly evident all around.

While on earth, we are blessed to have an opportunity for true spiritual growth, yet human birth is no longer considered an opportunity to grow in the realm of spirit.

As people of this earth move toward material pursuits and away from a grounding in the spirit, our world heads toward global confusion.

Confusion generates frustration, anger, insecurity, and intolerance, which eventually builds up between nations to leak out in the form of war.

The threat of war is beginning to overshadow any future hope for peace, and destruction on a massive scale might soon be witnessed by many.

This is an invitation for a few talented and determined individuals to plant the seeds of a new future.

We seek visitors and potential residents for our newly developing international, eco-friendly, self-sustaining, farm community.

Potential residents should have definite creative interests, possibly being an artisan, thinker, writer, musician, healer, visionary, philosopher, astrologer, theologian, poet, builder, specialist in the natural sciences, etc.

The environment will be primarily a place to read, think, learn, write, teach, and grow, where dreams and ideas for the future can be shaped and recorded.

Our community is open to all, regardless of age, race, religion, or gender, who espouse the wisdom of the ages, synthesis and ecumenicalism.

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