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The Spirit of Enquiry

- Prashant Trivedi


We live in a society that thrives upon competition, ambition, greed, and exploitation.

Because of this, the earth's resources are being consumed at an alarming rate.

To make matters worse, few are really bothered enough to be concerned with the consequences we face tomorrow.

But underneath, amidst all the affluence of the modern world, people are living with more fears and anxieties than ever before.

Real peace has become an illusion, and nearly all who are alive today have never experienced it, believing that peace is merely the absence of war.

The head powers of all nations deal with short term crisis intervention, and have no solutions for the long term well being of the planet.

Reform measures offer no solution, rather such measures are akin to using a life support system for a patient whose death is certain.

Like the legendary Phoenix bird, the entire structure must fall and be destroyed in it's entirety before anything new will rise up in it's place.

The religions, nations, and economic groups of today divide rather than unite, pitting one group against another, leading to a totally confrontational society.

All the religions of today are nothing but storefronts and shops, vying to sell their goods through proving their superiority, one over another.

Modern religion has little to do with individuality or the personal discovery of the real truth and meaning in life.

But regardless of all these things, we have been conditioned to treasure and preserve what we have, irrespective of any futility behind doing so.

Through conditioning, we have come to blindly imitate each other, and to varying degrees, our social structure rewards those who conform.

Modern men believe they are safe as they follow along with the status quo, while expending very little energy to question their own minds, beliefs, and behaviours.

A great amount of effort and courage is required to challenge the system, to change one's own course, and to begin to think freely.

In order for our minds to become free, one must reject and break away from the conditioning implanted in us since birth.

Only then does learning becomes a natural and effortless process.

The sensitivity and awareness of a free mind is inherent in all of us when we are young, and a mind that has become free is receptive and innocent, like that of a child.

The creative powers of youth are supressed and controlled through institutions, rules, media, and childhood conditioning.

The eagerness to learn and the explosive understanding we possess as children is destroyed through fear and intimidation.

We quickly learn to fear the wrath of our parents, our teachers, and our employer.

Beyond that, we are afraid of what our friends and neighbors will think if we fail, or step out of line.

Sensitivity, awareness, receptivity, and innocence are natural gifts, which are nurtured out of us through a system of education that rewards competition and conformity rather than individuality and cooperation.

Our modern system of education is designed to form the individual to fit into the mold of established social patterns.

The established powers fear and supress the creative energy of youth, because if such creative powers were directed toward good, it would serve to quickly destroy the present structure.

Either one conforms to the status quo, or one is forced into a role of an outcast, delinquent, or failure.

The conditioning that takes place during our youth happens so slowly that most of us never realise that we have been programmed to live our lives under a certain pattern.

The lives of most have no depth, no meaning.

Men have become as cogs in the wheel of a clock or an industrial machine.

In order to break free, one must begin to continually and deliberately question everything.

Only through relentless inquiry does one begin to reach toward the root of everything, and attain complete understanding.

At this time, individuals who are free and aware must try their best to move out of this downward spiraling system, and begin to create a new, self-sustainable future, which is in harmony with the natural forces.

Each of us should come together in a spirit of complete brotherhood, and thus present an example as a witness to others.

We must create together, first in our minds and then in reality, a society without fear, prejudice, greed and competition.

This society must facilitate right relationships on all levels, and impart a correct education to coming generations.

Anyone who is sincerely willing to do this will not fail, because if one is completely convinced of an idea with the whole of his being, then his actions will automatically resonate with his thinking.

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