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Shifting Awareness - the Real Education

by Prashant Trivedi

Moon & stars

Majority of humanity at present has an awareness which is confined to daily activities in what is known as the 'worldly realm'.

As a whole we find ourselves lost in this huge Universe with no connection whatsoever with the forces of the Cosmos, except probably for the physical connection springing from the awareness of being born out of the cosmic matter.

Hopi Wisdom Teachings

Most people's thoughts do not even for a moment encounter this lost feeling because they occupy themselves completely with the mundane.

Very few among us are seeking to find our true place with in the observable Universe and other presently hidden realms.

Just looking around one sees that hardly anyone is looking up at the stars and wondering how they are related to us.

The astronomers seem to be the only ones observing them but in general their approach is purely material and bound by the rigid conformities of scientific thought.

So many questions relating to our existence remain unanswered but we turn our backs to them and go along living engrossed in the minor details of what is commonly known as "life".

The plan of the Universe is same from an atom to a galaxy.

Our bodies are made up of sub atomic forces as well as the cosmic dust which created the stars and the galaxies.

We are the children of the stars and at the same time each of us is a full fledged atomic universe.

We stand right in the middle of the atomic and galactic realms in terms of both relative size and time.

The principle of being 'the same with in as with out' holds true as our relationship with the Cosmos is that of a microcosm and a macrocosm.

All these aspects of our existence have to be pondered upon and in time realized and experienced by each one of us through whatever path suits us the best.

This would be the true education for all of humanity regardless of all barriers of religion, country, occupation etc.

Even in the Hopi wisdom teachings, the image (shown above) of the 'knower' teaching a 'child' portrays the knower imparting the knowledge of the stars to the child, who is aiming at the stars with his bow and arrow. Here the arrow symbolizes the child's attention and the bow symbolizes his mind/intellect. This as a whole is meant to show the four main attributes required for learning the ways of the universe - curiosity, innocence, humility and concentration.

A major shift in consciousness is now almost a necessity on an individual as well as the collective level.

The collective has moulded itself quite quickly to the changes brought about by science and technology in the last few hundred years.

The same process has to be repeated as our cosmological consciousness reveals new paradigms for us to explore.

No matter how much we might pride ourselves on being more developed than our predecessors as conceived by the theory of linear time and continual progress, the fact remains that the Ancients were way ahead in the understanding of the Cosmic Reality through sciences like Astrology than we are at the moment.

A close look at any of the ancient cultures and their scriptures reveals a highly developed cosmology and in some cases direct and sustained contact with other star systems and celestial realms.

We are on the verge of a major shift in the way we perceive reality ... a shift much more significant than the industrial revolution, the democratic revolution and all the other such revolutions which we have so far considered as great leaps forward in the evolution of humanity .

It is impossible to find "true peace" at an individual or collective level unless a total oneness of being with the whole creation is felt and understood.

In my view the science of Astrology is the stepping stone for attaining this sort of awareness as it relates our lives directly with the celestial bodies with in our neighbouring cosmos.

The word Astrology is derived from two roots 'aster' - star , 'logos' - logic, giving it the meaning 'star logic' which is self-explanatory.

It is interesting to note that the word 'disaster' is made up of two roots ,'dis' - seperation , 'aster' - stars, giving it the meaning 'seperation from the stars' ; again the implications of this meaning in relation with the present understanding of this word are not hard to see

The Vedas ( the four main texts of Vedic heritage) know Astrology as 'Jyotish' which means 'the eye of the Vedas' or the 'science which brings us to the light'.

The Vedic scriptures are full of storiesrelating to the observable star systems and the different celestial beings which inhabit these regions.

Rather than dismissing these stories as mythology or some cooked up fantasies of the primitive mind we would do well to take a closer and deeper look to bring into light the knowledge they contain.

To sum it all up the collective awareness of humanity as a whole has to undergo a sea change if it wants to be a part of the New Earth.





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