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Edgar Cayce
by Prash Trivedi

Indian or Vedic Astrology is a term used for "Jyotish", a Sanskrit term which translates into " the science of light". It is considered as the eye of the Vedas, the sacred spiritual vedic texts enccompassing the knowledge of Ancient India

Even Edgar Cayce's channeling on astrology relates more closely to Indian Astrology than to the present day Western System. For example he gave a lot of importance to the soul chart and one can find this chart only in Indian Astrology! It is called the Navamsha chart and is always used alongside the main chart. As we look at his chart through the eyes of Jyotish, we would be using both the main and soul charts.

Jupiter and its Moons
18-03-1877 03.00 P.M. L.M.T 36N50' 87W30'

Ascendant 1810'Ca
Sun 0612'Pi
Moon 1936'Ar
Mars 1903'Sg
Mercury 1930'Aq
Jupiter 0954'Sg
Venus 2332'Aq
Saturn 2041'Aq
Rahu 1833'Aq
Ketu 1833'Le
Uranus 0006'Ca
Neptune 1123'Ar
Pluto 0215'Ta

Even with a cursory look one cannot help but notice a heavily tenanted eighth house. This by itself indicates that he could access hidden realms and dimensions. However a lot of charts have a heavily tenanted eighth house without any connection to the esoteric realms. The planets in such cases are usually working on an exoteric level bringing in legacies and so forth. To understand what makes his eighth house function in an esoteric manner, we have to take a closer look at the unique combination resting in his eighth house.

Indian astrology puts special emphasis on the placement of the lunar nodes to bring out the mysteries inherent in a chart. We can see that Rahu (the north node) is placed in its own sign Aquarius and thus brings out the mystical side of this air sign, that has little to do with earthly matters. The fact that Rahu is conjunct the co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, helps stabilize the energy of Rahu and makes it function on a higher plane. As per the dictums of Jyotish, Rahu is seen to work well in association with an exalted or own house planet. Rahu is considered the planet which relates most closely to the calling or destiny in the present life.

Here it is very closely conjunct Mercury, the ruler of the twelfth house, a house connected with sleep and astral projection, is posited in the eighth house, the house of psychic and paranormal faculties. Mercury carries all the twelfth house energies as no planet is posited in the twelfth house. His eighth and twelfth houses, the houses of psychic perception and sleep are intimately connected. It was no surprise then that all his channelling took place in a sleeping state and he became famous as 'the sleeping prophet'.

Mercury's close conjunction with Rahu gives him the opportunity to realize his potential within his present lifetime. Jyotish sees it is as one's duty to relay the energies of the planet posited in close conjunction to the nodes. Rahu and Mercury are also placed in the asterism of Shatabhisha, which Indian astrology considers a mystical asterism dealing with diseases and healing. It can be seen that Rahu is conjunct Mercury in the soul chart as well in the fourth house ( house relating to home, home land and akashic records) signifying his contact with the Akashic records took place in his home surroundings.

His Sun in the ninth house, a house of religion, in Pisces, a religiously conservative sign, shows his conservative Christian upbringing. The Ascendant lord Moon in the tenth house in Aries gives him a commoner's attitude to life. Everyone knew him as a simple, uneducated and righteous man when he was not in his channelling state. Since Moon, his Ascendant lord, governing his sense of Self has no relation with his eighth house energies, he could never completely understand how the channelling was taking place. In other words his conscious mind represented by Moon had no connection with his unconscious (eighth house) mind.

This is the reason why he couldn't really come out with his talents and abilities up until the age of 27, as the major periods of the Sun and Moon were in operation, even though he was aware of them from a very young age. It is a speciality of Jyotish to give accurate predictions on the basis of planetary cycles which manifest as planetary periods, where a certain planet rules a person's life for a certain number of years. If one looks at the table of the period given above, one can see that the Moon's major period made him take up ordinary jobs after he quit school early.

As we all know he had a strange disorder in his 22nd year, which nobody could diagnose. It resulted in a complete loss of speech. His Ketu (the South Node) in the second house (house of speech) can be seen in action here. Since Ketu is placed in the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, this event happened in his 22nd year, the year of Sun's maturity as per Vedic astrology.

In Jyotish, the ruling planet of the sign in which Ketu is placed, is a planet which signifies one's latent potential. The Sun being placed in the auspicious ninth house (house of luck, fate and destiny) helped open up his destiny. He cured himself through his own channelling process and this is when he started taking his gift seriously.

It wasn't until he was 24 that he started to heal others on a regular basis. This is due to the onset of his Mars major period. Mars, the tenth lord signifying vocation is placed in the sixth house (house of healing) in one of its favoured fire sign's Sagittarius. Jupiter, the sixth and ninth lord joins Mars causing a Rajayoga (kingly combination). It was his destiny and dharma (life purpose) to heal others through his eighth house psychic ability. Vedic Astrology places special emphasis on certain planetary combinations and the fortunate combinations are known as Rajayogas.

Jupiter-Mars conjunction in the auspicious and lucky sign of Sagittarius meant that he would become famous within his lifetime for his healing work (sixth house signification). One can also notice Sagittarius rising in the soul chart giving him an optmisitic attitude towards life and the future of humanity. Jupiter ensured that his healing was much more refined as compared to the surgical and poisonous Western healing methods prevalent in his time.

A second look at his eighth house reveals that Rahu is placed with its bosom friends Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It can thus function without obstruction, and all these planets support each other in a friendly sign. Another interesting thing to note is that all these planets are all placed within an orb of 5 degrees. This means that their energies are completely in tune. It was no wonder than that the channelling process was very fluid.

Looking at the period table one can notice that it wasn't until his Rahu major period started, that he came up with futuristic prophecies and began covering topics such as astrology, reincarnation, ancient civilizations like Egypt, India and Atlantis. All these areas are intimately connected with the coming age of Aquarius and one can see that Rahu is placed in the sign of Aquarius!

Rahu being very strong in Aquarius could channel the combined energies of Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Rahu is the most important planet in his chart as it connected these planets with the astral realm and Akashic records (the universal library for all the past, present and future events).

The lord of the fourth house, Venus, is placed in the eighth house conjunct Mercury, the twelfth lord and Saturn, the eighth lord making him in essence a "time traveller". Fourth house represents past, eighth house relates to the cycles of time while twelfth house relates to the future.

Venus is the atmakaraka (soul significator) in his chart. The concept of soul significator is unique to Vedic astrology which sees the soul significator as the main guiding light in one's present life. Venus is placed in the sixth house ( house relating to healing) in the soul chart. It is placed in the sign of Taurus, a sign relating to physicality and mattter, making healing on a material plane his destiny and duty.

Ketu in the second house meant that he was never in a comfortable situation as far as finances were concerned. He would get strange illnesses and pains if he tried to earn money through his channelling. Also his healing planets Mars and Jupiter have no connection with the rulers of the 2nd and 11th houses (houses signifying gain of wealth).

As per the principles of Jyotish, a strong and active Ketu is required to recollect one's past lives. In his case we get a clue to Ketu's strength from the soul chart, where it is placed in the tenth house along with Moon and Mars. In Jyotish, the nodes get prominence by being placed along with the luminaries in the soul chart.

Another interesting thing, which tells us how much his healing was connected with the nodal axis, is the fact that he had his head towards the south and his feet towards the north whenever he lay down to channel. Ketu represents the south while Rahu represents the north. In his chart Ketu is placed in the first half of the chart (signifying head), and so his energies harmonized better when he lay down with his head in the direction ruled by Ketu. If Rahu and Ketu would have been the other way round, he would have been better off channelling with his head towards the north and feet towards south.

Saturn is the karmic distribution control planet along with Rahu, and so his life was fully focused on the eighth house affairs. He died in his Saturn major period, as Saturn is a strong maraka (death inflicting planet) for Cancer ascendant. Being the ruler of the eighth house (house of material death) placed in eighth, it gave him the ability to accurately predict the time and day of his death.

The presence of Neptune along with Moon intensified his astral sensitivity, and gave him fame as this combination takes place in the tenth house. The conjunction of Uranus with Ketu gives a clue to a past life in Atlantis, a very advanced Uranian civilization, which he desribes in vivid details in his readings.

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