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Ayurved - Ancient Vedic/Indian Healing System
An Introduction

- Prashant Trivedi

    Ayurved is an ancient Vedic system of
    healing with a recorded history of 5000

    Vedic texts suggest that this science was
    revealed by the Creator himself when the
    first human beings were created.

    The word Ayurveda is derived from two
    Sanskrit roots: ayu’ah, or life, and Ved,
    or science.

    Ayurveda thus translated from Sanskit means
    'the science of life.'

    Thousands of years before the arrival of the
    modern systems of medicine, Ayurveda had been
    the only means of healing on the Indian

    With the arrival of modern systems of medical 
    practices over the past century, Ayurveda has 
    withstood the test of time due to its 
    definite advantages.

    The basic principle of Ayurved relates to
    the three vital elements in the human body:

         Vata, or the wind element,
        Kapha, or the water element, and
        Pitta, or the fire element.

    Ayurvedic medicine maintains that all
    ailments of the human body arise from an
    imbalance in the proportion of these 
    three vital elements.

    Ayurved also uses the knowledge and wisdom 
    attained from yoga and astrology for 
    diagnosis and cure, as these three sciences
    share a lot of common ground and purpose.

    Treatment is usually based upon medicines
    extracted from natural herbs and medicinal

    All herbal medicine used in Ayurvedic healing
    has virtually no side effects, and the cure
    is permanent, gentle, and quick.

    There is a misconception that Ayurved is
    meant for curing only simple ailments, when
    in fact it is very potent in curing serious

    Ayurvedic medicine does not use surgery for
    treatment of even complicated diseases, and
    healing is brought about through the use of
    natural medicines, yoga, regulation of diet,
    and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Ayurvedic healing is the epitomy of the old
    adage 'Prevention is better than cure,' as it
    is directed toward implementing solutions on
    how to avoid ailments from plaguing the body.

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