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( Few of the Many Comments from Our Clients )

I strongly recommend a 'Complete Birth Chart Analysis'. It comes with an amazingly accurate analysis of one's personality. If nothing else, this serves to validate the accuracy of the science of Jyotish. In addition, information on planetary periods and the native's calling for the present incarnation is outlined. This information is invaluable in charting one's destiny from the present. If life's a journey, then Prash & OSFA have your map ...

- Sidharth Shankar from Washington, USA

I would like to thank you for such a special spiritual reading - I have been reading it each day since I received it. I can tell you both must be very special people, and I appreciate your work.

Thank you for your direction and the difference it has made in my life. Thank you, Prash & OSFA Team....I am always so touched by your messages. I have thought alot about what you said about my needing to be firm/confident about my path. For the first time, I truly believe I understand the need for such commitment. I actually did read Prash's interview with Laura Lee. It was because of the clear wisdom and highest intent of this article that I decided to contact you in the beginning. Also, I have printed out Cheruki's guest article and have it in my office where I can read it daily. I hope it is all right that I print these articles and make them available to my clients (with all credit of course given to both of you/OFSA). When I find something that lifts my awareness and inspires me to make a change, or a difference, I try to pass that information on to other seekers.

Thanks again,

Dayl, Astrologer from USA

My most sincere appreciation for the reading! It is very insightful - and will definitely help me a lot. I'm really thankful for being fortunate to have found you both. May God's love and blessings be always with you (you know it is!).

- Roosevelt, Brazil.

Some general comments regarding the accuracy of your readings for me which are very much appreciated - First of all, probably the best complement you could get is what my wife said, "These are the most accurate readings you have ever gotten." ... The health interpretation is right on as is the daughter(s) analysis. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say-from a "vedic astrologer believer affecionado" yours is simply the best. Thanks for your minds........

- Dan Polland, USA

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading... I feel so much happier about everything. Even though my heart was guiding me in the right direction, it's fantastic to have astrological confirmation of it.

C. Wildwood, Wales

You are 100% right. I will be starting a new software contract with a small French company on May 20th. And this job pays me much better than the current. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help/guidance and how accurate you are.

Anand, New Jersey

Thankyou for your recent reading of my personal chart. You answered my most important questions that I did not pose. I have been observing during recent years developments in my life which you confirm in your reading.

- Juha Elo, Finland

Hello Prash & OSFA Team, Thank you very much for the reading. I feel for the most part you got the true essence of me. Thanks once again.

Zandra, USA

Greetings...I just wanted to send you a Big Thank You for the course ! I have enjoyed it a lot....! I have just recieved the certificate..!! The book Rahu & Ketu, arrived fast and promptly as well.....and I read in it every day.!! I must say to you that it is a very clear and straightforward book..very easy to read...and with TONS of information..!! I am very pleased to have one in my care..!!! I am continuing learning through other peoples charts, and I have bought more books....so here I am , learning the art of Vedic Astrology, thanks to your inspiring, hand-on beginners-course..!!!

- Kerstin Jansson from Portugal

I love your readings - they have been quite accurate as to now.

- Nikki M. Kavouklis from Los Angeles, USA

Many thanks for the reading.


- Marker Sasha from Perth Australia

I love your readings - they have been quite accurate as to now.

- Nikki M. Kavouklis from Los Angeles, USA

I've had the boon of a Birth Chart reading from OSFA a while back, and it was such an important tool for my inner transformation and was instrumental in setting completely new directions for my life. Thus, I'd like to kindly ask for your insights on my chart, as it pertains to my spiritual path.

- R. Ferreira, Canada

I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed my reading and how accurate it is! It says that I'm diplomatic, moody, have a secretive darker side, and slender in appearence....which are all true! Not to mention many other things in my reading that are true as well. Thank you for the reading! I am reccommending to some friends to get one also.

- Derek Tolci from Las Vegas USA

Thank You for my horoscope. I found it very revealing and right on the money! I would like to order one for my Mom ...

- Michael K Teehan from Honululu, Hawaii

I found the indepth reading that I ordered cleared up some major issues for me. If anyone is ever at a crossroads and don't know which way to go, then I recommend OSFA's advice.

- Taina from Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for the Natal Chart Reading I recieved sometime back...thanks for the insights and advice...very lucid descriptions...

- Tan, Singapore

The reading was so fantastic! I felt they had hired a private detective who had been watching my life for the last five years ! Everything about myself was so accurate ... everytime I need to make an important decision I use their services.

- Rachael from Brittany, France

Excellent and straightforward reading.

- Anchorite, India

Thank you so much for your reading. I found it inspiring and so precise as it relates to my past.

- Fred, New York

Fred just called me so excited about his reading. I wanted to hold off on reading it until I could do his chart myself, but his enthusiasm got the best of me and I read it. It was sooooo him it was unbeliveable. It just renews my faith in vedic astrology and both of you!

- Susan, USA

Thanks a lot !

- Cristina, from London

Thank you very much indeed for this reading. Even though I don't understand everything, I think it captures some of the things I feel without being able to crystalize them more clearly or to be able to verbalize, or knowing what to do with them. My best friend who is a complete disbeliever in things such as karma or astrology and with whom I shared your reading, said that "It amazingly well reflects the direction of the searchings I have witnessed in you over the last years", so I think this is one of the best compliments on your work.

- C. Vandebeele,Belgium

Thank you very much for your fast, thorough and very helpful answer.

- Rainer Kern from Germany

The reading arrived promptly and was comprehensive and detailed. In general, it was an accurate assessment of different aspects of my personality and how I relate to family members, society and work life. It also included predictions about the future. I asked a followup question, and received honest and clear-sighted advice ... they were not afraid to point me in a clear direction.

- JH in Palo Alto, California, USA

I enjoyed your course. I found it well structured and user-friendly. In addition, you are the only astrologers I know who also provide a background of astronomy. I did not need this as I am an amateur astronomer, but I think it is good to show people what the signs actually are! When you helped me analyse my chart during the E-Mail course, you highlighted a talent for teaching that I did not know I possessed. Shortly after completing the course I was given the opportunity of holding a course and accepted. I loved it and it was a success. Since then I have been offered many more opportunities. The last one came a few weeks ago (I still can't believe it !): an appointment as lecturer at one of the most prestigious Universities in Italy.

- J. Hartwig, Italy

I have never seriously ventured into any type of astrology before, so I wasn't sure that I could learn it. Everyone says that astrology, especially vedic astrology is very complicated. But I found the course to be very simple, and a lot of fun. The tutors really helped me a lot. Now I am able to understand my own chart, it's so great ...

- Brigitte Domas, New York, USA

I have realised after doing this course that vedic astrology is a concrete science which is of much use in day to day life. It is always good to know more about yourself. Vedic astrology helps one do exactly that. In my view no person would have any difficulty learning from this course as it is completely to the point and does not leave you searching in a maze of words. It is much easier than all the introductory books which I have read on the subject. It took me less than a month to complete it. I am looking forward to a more advanced course ...

- Les Heinrich Joseph, Queensland, Australia

I found this course to be exactly what it says it is. I am now in a position to interpret not only my own chart but read other people's charts as well. Vedic Astrology is definitely on a wave !

- Aditya, New Delhi, India

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