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- Prashant Trivedi

    These words are dedicated to my humanitarian
    friends all across the world.

    We get to hear a lot about 'peace' ,'love'
    and 'brotherhood' from them which makes one
    wonder what these words actually mean
    especially at a time when humanity as a whole
    is standing on the brink of a disaster.

    'Love' at present is usually realized as 
    sensitivity to the physical, mental or 
    emotional needs of fellow human beings.

    Though this type of 'love' pervades the world 
    of today at various levels of human existence 
    we still find that things are only 
    deteriorating with time.

    The fault than lies not with 'love' but the
    meaning we ascribe to it.

    'Love' in reality is the quality with in an 
    individual which seeks to raise the levels of 
    consciousness among fellow human beings to 
    ones own level and beyond.

    'Love' is the true understanding of the 
    Cosmic Plan .  It is the universal force 
    which seeks nothing but the manifestation of 
    this plan on all planes of existence.

    It is thus a true humanitarian force which 
    seeks to transform each and everyone without 
    asking for anything in return. It expresses 
    through an individual as a desire to serve 
    the plan without any personal motive.

    Any other act which shares a different intent 
    is not an act of 'love' but a selfish 
    expression of the human ego.

    This superficial and incorrect interpretation 
    of 'love' is costing us a lot as we still are 
    far from achieving a state of brotherhood 
    among humanity as a whole.

    Our 'love' is bound with in the confines of 
    the family, nationality and religious 

    Todays mother 'loves' her child , a love that 
    has been glorified to the hilt by society, 
    but at the same time she takes it upon 
    herself not to love any other child that is 
    not her own.

    We are still a childish society with a very 
    primitive personal view of love which means 
    that it is alright for one person to love 
    another person and maintain neutrality 
    (sometimes hatred) towards the rest.

    More often than not we try to put our loved 
    ones in a box and see to it that no harm 
    comes to them.  Our definition of harm 
    usually relates to transformation, change, 
    death , all of which are considered 

    So even when we 'love' a person from our 
    socially accepted perspective we try to stunt 
    his/her growth as an individual and thus only 
    end up doing him/her harm.

    In my view this is what our friends are doing 
    in instinctually following their protective, 
    motherly urges for humanity.

    Why i use the word instinctual is because the 
    amount of thought and the level of awareness 
    required to serve humanity in the correct way 
    is generally lacking .

    A lot of our humanitarian friends scoff at 
    even the idea of the collapse of human 
    civilization as we know it.

    Everyone who is propagating this idea of 
    reality is branded as anti-social, cultist 
    etc etc.

    According to them no collapse ever happened 
    and is ver going to happen as such a thought 
    implies that a lot of people will perish 
    which obviously is not the right way to 

    Our friend's 'love' for humanity blinds their 
    eyes to the actions of humanity which is 
    seeking to destroy the equilibrium of life on 

    Just like an ignorant mother who seeks to 
    halt the true spiritual growth of her own 
    child in the name of love, these people are 
    causing immense harm to humanity in the name 
    of humanitarianism.

    I know that all of these people have best of 
    intentions in their hearts towards the cause 
    of humanity, but the fact remains that lack 
    of wisdom and awareness can nullify the best 
    of intentions.

    Just as the saying goes , " It is better to 
    have an intelligent enemy rather than have a 
    foolish friend."

    If some part of humanity survives the coming 
    changes it would not be due to the efforts of  
    these people but because of those who 
    understood and confronted reality and shared 
    their understanding with others.

    In the case of the humanitarians who are 
    believers as well the permanent argument  is 
    " How can our compassionate Creator bestow 
    destruction upon his own children ? "

    Nobody is willing to admit that 'destruction' 
    is also a part of the Plan of the Creator 
    just as much as death is a part of the game 
    of life.

    Destruction is always termed evil ( 'satanic' 
    if I may use the term  popularised by 
    Christianity in particular) and it is a pity 
    that the majority of humanity has imbibed 
    this idea deep with in its collective psyche.

    'Peace' is another word which is in vogue in 
    the present times especially among our 
    humanitarian friends and politicians.

    'Peace' in its present context means no 
    external fighting among nations and with in 

    In this peaceful state it is alright for 
    everyone from an individual to a nation to 
    fiercely compete for grabbing a bigger share 
    of the earth's bounties.

    Every body wants ' peace' so that every one 
    gets a chance to prosper or at least pursue 
    that illusion by exploiting the earth's 
    resources to the maximum regardless of the 

    Even when everybody wants peace or is at 
    least talking about it, the reality is that 
    the 20th century has been the bloodiest 
    century in recorded history.

    So there is a flaw in our present definition 
    of 'peace' too and if the modern man carries 
    on with the same way of thinking as he has 
    been doing for the past century I must say 
    that 'war' would always be hanging just 
    around the corner.

    'Peace' in reality is the state of being at 
    harmony with nature, universe and the cosmic 

    This peace does not come through signing 
    papers and treaties, creating leagues of 
    nations and world bodies of peace and so 
    forth but through a different route.

    This peace is realized at first with in an 
    individual through the same process real 
    'love' is realized - the process of 
    contemplation and reflection which leads to 
    an increased awareness on levels.

    After that it is seen in the one to one 
    relationships of these aware individuals.

    From there it finds manifestation with in a 
    group and from there it is achieved in 
    society and so forth.

    This is the reason why it is important for 
    aware individuals of the present to get 
    together in groups so that in the future the 
    dream of a harmonious human society is 

    In simple terms what i am trying to convey is 
    that the dream of my humanitarian friends 
    where an atmosphere of brotherhood exists 
    between all of humanity can not be realized 
    with in the framework of the present 

    The reason for this is quite simple - the 
    present civilization is not in harmony with 
    nature and until there is harmony between
    'man' and 'nature' there can not be harmony  
    between 'man' and 'man'.

    If my friends would just ponder on this 
    statement for a while, may be they would also 
    begin to see the fall of the 'modern way of 
    life' in a different light.

    Finally i would just like to say that :

    " All of our problems arise from the limited
    ways in which we think and feel. "

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