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The Real Swastika

- Prashant Trivedi

    The word 'swastika' comes from Sanskrit, the
    ancient Vedic language, and it means
    'conducive to well being.'   It is derived
    from two Sanskrit words: 'su,' meaning
    'well,' and 'asti,' from the verb to be,
    meaning 'it is.'

    The right-handed swastika has been used as a
    positive expression of life by the ancient
    Mesopotamians, the early Christians and
    Byzantines, the Mayans, as well as the Hopi
    and other Native American Indian tribes.

    In relation to the Hopi, it can be seen on
    their 'prophecy rock' as illustrated below,
    and it is considered the initiator of the new
    age after the 'Great Purification'.

    The swastika is also an ancient Vedic symbol
    for the Sun, and of the Vedic diety Lord
    Ganesha, the elephant headed God, who is the
    first born son in the Universe.

    His four qualities, represented by the four
    hands of the swastika, are purity,
    auspiciousness, innocence, and supreme
    devotion to the Universal Mother principle.
    Ganesh bestows these qualities with the help
    of the right-handed swastika, the symbol of

    The left-handed swastika is a symbol of
    Kali, the Vedic Goddess who symbolizes
    destruction, which is not a bad thing in
    itself if one is completely in harmony
    with universal laws.
    The left-handed swastika is still widely used
    throughout the world, including India,
    where it is quite prevalent.
    This usage is an indicator to where
    humanity is heading in the future, considering
    that the majority led by a degenrate elite are 
    very far from being in tune with
    the cosmic song. 

    Vedic scripture states that we are presently
    living in 'Kaliyuga,' or the age of Kali,
    which will meet its end through 'Pralaya,'
    meaning widescale destruction.

    Since creation and destruction are two
    unseparable facets of the Cosmic Plan, both
    symbols have come into prominence through
    the ages.

    To those concerned with a new
    begining, should try and use
    the right-handed swastika,
    representing creation and renewed growth.

    Astrologically, the right-handed swastika
    is a symbol of the Seventh Ray, which is
    the governing Ray of the Age of Aquarius,
    which is dawning upon us as the influence
    of the Piscean Age begins to wane.

    The Seventh Ray is essentially an agent of
    fusion, blending, and coordination.  It is
    also the ray of ceremonial order and is
    responsible for bringing forth the energies
    favouring group endeavor.

    The circle surrounding the swastika image
    represents our Mother Earth, the cradle of
    humanity, and the four dots within our
    swastika represent the four races, red,
    yellow, brown, and white, who presently
    inhabit the earth.

    In conclusion, this symbol as a whole
    signifies the four races of humanity living
    in a state of co-operation with each other
    and sharing equally the resources provided by
    Mother Earth.  It further signifies a state
    of harmony between man and nature, which in
    turn fosters true growth in all the realms.

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