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The Great Purification
Creation and Destruction

by Prashant Trivedi

    The human race is fast approaching an end of
    an age, and it is important for us to be
    aware of this transition to make the
    appropriate preparations.

    We are not suggesting that anyone engage in
    survival preparedness, rather we hope
    instead that each of us will make changes
    within our inner being.

    Unforunately, the great majority of humankind
    will enter into these coming changes
    completely unaware.

    Many of us tend to believe that the
    world in which we live is as stable and
    permanent as the concrete beneath our feet.

    It is unimaginable for most to think that the
    great technological civilization of this
    age could crumble to ruin.

    The truth of the matter is much to the
    contrary, and the world in which we live,
    especially this modern world, is actually
    very fragile.

    At the present time, our world faces great
    peril through a variety of possible

    Great catastrophes are sure to come, and with
    their coming, it does not matter if any one
    of us survives.

    Survival preparedness is not at issue here,
    rather what is important is that we learn
    from the coming changes and re-direct our
    inner being accordingly.

    The human race has developed a system of
    modern living based on competition,
    materialism, consumption, and exploitation.

    This modern system of living has brought
    mankind to the brink of self-extinction, and
    each of us, in a small way, is responsible
    for this state of affairs.

    The sad truth is that most of us are still
    very content with living within this system.

    Humanity has reached the point of no return,
    and it is no longer realistic to think that
    enough people around the globe will have a
    sudden change of heart.

    But even if the world as a whole will not
    change, we as individuals still can.

    To start, each of us must begin once again to
    see time and reality as cyclical, and not
    linear, as most in the modern world believe
    it to be.

    The Darwinian theory of evolution suggests
    that the human race is in a state of
    unhindered evolution by the process of
    natural selection.

    This implies that we, as a race, are becoming
    more intelligent than our ancestors with each
    passing generation.

    The theory further suggests that we are in a
    state of perpetual progress, through lineartime, 
    which only moves forward.

    This is in opposition to the view held by all
    ancient civilisations, who knew that time is
    cyclical, and that world ages repeat

    In ancient astrology, the term 'world age'
    signifies the time period between two great
    purifications, that is, cycles of great
    destruction and re-creation.

    According to the ancients, the perilous
    situation we find ourselves in today is
    nothing new, and it was very much
    predicted and expected.

    Humanity was faced with the same situation
    about 12,000 years ago, when great floods
    destroyed flourishing civilisations which
    had become overly materialistic as they
    too approached the end of their age.

    Through massive catastrophies, significant
    portions of humanity die, and we start the
    cycle again, all as a very natural and
    cyclical process of life and death.

    Unlike Darwin had theorized, we evolve in
    these cycles of time rather than evolving
    along a path of linear time.

    Albert Einstein, in his special theory of
    relativity, points out that the space-time
    continuum, which defines the physics of
    the perceivable universe, is curved.

    Anything which is curved is part of a circle;
    it is not a plane, and nothing in our
    universe, including time, is linear.

    This cycle of destruction and creation has
    happened before, and it is about to happen

    Nearly all of us have experienced this cycle
    in ages past, and we will experience it again
    and again, until we begin to focus our
    attention on learning the true meaning of

    When we do this, we will begin to grow on the
    true evolutionary ladder, which has nothing
    to do with Darwin.

    All knowledge about the meaning of life and
    how it should be lived is inherent within
    our mind.

    It is up to each of us to discover the true
    meaning of life by inquiring within our own

    If someone tells you how you should live, 
    what you should do, what your path might be,
    and if you follow that road, it will lead 
    you nowhere.

    Each of us has a different path which we 
    are to find on our own.

    Learning along our path is a continous and
    effortless process, but one must stay awake
    mentally, and not allow oneself to be
    influenced by the conditioning of this world.

    One can only stay awake mentally with a mind
    that is not already conditioned by society,
    rules, orthodoxy, nationality, religion,
    and so on.

    The awareness and sensitivity needed to see 
    the truth is inherent in all of us when we
    are children, but these gifts are smothered
    out of us through modern education.

    Modern education is a means to promote
    conformity and to condition our young in
    order to preserve the established social
    patterns of this corrupt system.

    A free mind of an aware individual has the
    capacity to get to the truth of any matter,
    even the most difficult of questions.

    Inquiry is the first step, and contemplation
    on the inquiry is the second step.

    With inquiry, we may seek counsel from
    outside sources, but without a mind that is
    free of conditioning, it all leads nowhere.

    At this critical point in time, at the end of 
    this age, aware individuals must move away 
    from this dying system, and begin to create a 
    new, self-sustainable future in harmony with 
    the forces of nature.

    Each of us should come together in a spirit
    of complete brotherhood, and thus present an
    example as a witness to others.

    We must create together, first in our minds
    and then in reality, a society without fear,
    prejudice, greed and competition.

    This society must facilitate right
    relationships on all levels, and impart a
    correct education to coming generations.

    Anyone who is sincerely willing to do this
    will not fail, because if one is completely
    convinced of an idea with the whole of his
    being, then his actions will automatically
    resonate with his thinking.

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