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ENGLISH Unmasked

EN-G-LISH is EN’s Lish or EN’s Leash


- Anonymous

Most words in the English lAnguage (or En’s Land-gauge) are based on four roots "El","Al" , "An"and "En".

"Al /El" relates to the originAl masculine serpent energy ( Al is the most Ancient king of serpEnts).

"An /En" relates to feminine serpent energy ( An is the original queEn-mother of serpEnts).

In Arabic the word for serpEnt is "El" hayyah; Middle eastern lAnguages have the same source as English in the BabyloniAn/ SumeriAn lAnguage created by the demonic ruling Elite who have beEn in control of our planet and civilization for the last 4000 years.

"El/Al" is the originAl serpEnt And in hebrew meAns ‘power’ & ‘might’. "An/En" rElates to serpEnt Energy/mother of serpEnts (counterpart of El)

‘er’ is the root which is used for creating confusion And er-rors.

"is" is derived from "isis" And represEnts feminine Energy

There’s Also a lot of double s’s in English words ("hiss" as in snake’s hissing). SS Always has a serpEntine connotation ( like the Nazi SS).

One cAn dissect the Entire English lAnguage And see a sinister pattern emerging … here are a few samples to get the bAll rolling … before we jump in the author would like to stress that serpents, serpentine creatures or serpentine energy should NOT be perceived as demonic in themselves. It is a primeval and indispensible universal force responsible for maintaining universal functionings. It just gets manipulated by the demons in a negative way.


Alcyone - Al + Cyone - main star of Pleiades star constEllation – also pronounced El Zion, meAning the SerpEnt Heart of Sion . The naming of stars and star systems in En’s-lish is usually taken from Arabic/SumeriAn roots which extensively use the roots Al and El.

Aleister Crowley ( The Famous 20th century Black Magician) - Aleis (cAn be traced back to the Sanskrit word ‘Ashlesha’; refers to serpEnts) + er (‘err’/wrong) + Crow (crow is the main bird that houses Entities from the other side), so ‘Aleister Crowley’ is basically a vehicle for possession of serpEnts/dark spirits. Crowley’s influence on major public figures, organizations and movements is exemplary.

AlexAnder – Al-e-x-An-der rElates to "Al" (serpEnt) + "e" (connecting letter) + "xAnder" (words commEncing with ‘x’ have negative connotations And rElate to AliEn And demonic beings). SAnskrit term for AlexAnder is "AlakshEndra" or " Alaksh – indra" meAning "destroyer of Indra" (destruction of the king of gods).

Al Gore – Al (serpEnt) + gore (bloody, Also Anagram of "ogre"). Al Gore literAlly meAns ‘bloody serpEnt’ or ‘serpEnt ogre’. It is interesting to note the similarity between Algorithm ( Al - Gore- Ithm) and Al Gore. Algorithms as we know are root of all computer language and most of the computer technology boom on a mass level took place in Al Gore's term in office. He has officially proclaimed himself to be the founder of the world wide web.

All - Al (serpEnt) + l ( Short form for legions); Al’s legions constitute All !

Allah - Al (serpEnt) + lah (sky), trAnslating to ‘sky serpEnt’. This is the main god of the muslim religion created by the same illuminati which mAnufactured ChristiAnity.

Ally: Al – ly ; Al’s helper

AliEn – Al + I + En. ChildrEn of "Al" And "En".

AlliAnce - Al And En’s team.

AmEn – ‘Am-En’ or ‘I Am the SerpEnt’

Andrew/Andra - An (mother serpEnt) + d + ra (fire or Energy root), trAnslating to ‘fire of the mother serpEnt’ or ‘Energy of the mother serpEnt’.

Angiras - In the AnciEnt IndiAn Vedas demons come from sage Angiras’s line - Ang (has serpEnt Energy "An" + "Ang" is the root of words like "Angry" And "Ira" is the root of words like "irate".)

Anus – Comprises of ‘An’ (mother serpEnt) And ‘us’ (Also rElated to serpEntine Energy) And is located near the muladhara chakra (root cEntre) where the serpEnt power (kundAlini) resides.

Anno Dominus or A.D. - Ann-o (serpEnt Energy) + Dominus (DominiAn). The A.D. time period therefore marks the beginning of the serpEnt’s totAl dominion of our plAnet.

Ann Rice wrote P-An-dora’s Box - too much "An" in this one. This book carries speciAl insights (which can only come from An insider) into the workings of the past and presEnt of the demonic Elite.

AngElo – "o" stAnds for progeny: An and El’s progeny

AngEl - "An" (femAle counterpart of the king serpEnt "El") + g + "El" = queEn-g-king OR those who origninate from the demon king And queEn).

Anglo saxon - TrAnslates as "ash tree" in old English or "burning tree". "An/g" is a destructive prefix used for words like "Angry", "Anxious", "Animosity", "Angst", "Antithesis". It is derived from the sAnskrit term for fire god - "Agni"

Angkor – Angkor is An AnciEnt city which Aligns to the ReptiliAn constEllation "Draco".

Ankh - Is "their" life force ("kh" is Energy/offspring of "An").

Anti-biotics - "Anti" (against) + "bio" (biologicAl functions) + "ic" (complete). Antibiotics are therefore ‘completEly against biologicAl functions’.

Anu - Is the "power of the atom" And represEnts the atom HAnumAn (Vedic deity of unlimited strEngth) carries.

Aretha FrAnklin- "aretha" (greek goddess) + "frAnklin" (frAnkEnstein being which is hAlf humAn hAlf monster). Aretha FrAnklin cAn trAnslate to ‘the monsterous goddess’.

Arthur – "arathur" is the sAnskrit name of an ancient demon. This gives a sinister twist to the legends of King Arthur of England.

Aspirin – "asp" (snake) + "irin" (watchers), literAlly trAnslates to ‘snake watchers’.

Asura – SAnskrit word for demon.

(Adding the letter "a" to the beginning of words negates them. In SAnskrit for example the word "Sura" meAns gods, whEn An ‘a’ is added the word becomes "Asura" meAning demons.

In the West it is common for westerners to add "a" to the End of sAnskrit names as is done to the gods "Krishn" And "Shiv" which westerners pronounce "Krishna" And "Shiva". This serves to take away from the name-energy-power of these gods).

Asylum - a +sa+El+um


Babylon - babyl (meAns ‘mouth’) + lon (lion or beast), so Babylon trAnslates to ‘mouth of the beast’.

BabEl - ‘bab-El’ - the lAnguage of El which mAnipulated the originAl lAnguage (SAnskrit ) to serve the Ends of the Asuras (demons). BabEl Also rElates to the word babble, which is used to describe the tAlking of nonsEnse.

Baby - Is someone who cAn't speak (babbling or "babEl"ing).

BAli – Name of the originAl demon king. Now Bali is the capitAl of Indonesia. ‘BAl’ is Another name for the satAnic goat-god Baphomet which is worshipped by the ruling elite.

BAl-mor-Al – Name of a castle in ScotlAnd; one of the most importAnt castles for British royAlty; BAl (the goat-god) + mor (great) + Al (serpEnt).

Baphomet/Baptism – The satAnic goat God Baphomet is presEnt in the word ‘Baptism’.

BavariAn – Bava (similar to ‘bhava’, sanskrit word for ‘house’) + avar (forms the root of words like ‘avaricious’) + i (shakti or Energy) +An (serpEnt), which trAnslates to ‘the house/Energy of the avaricious serpEnt An’. The ‘BavariAn Illuminati is An importAnt part of the present Asura Kingdom on Earth.

Beatles – The originAl members corresponded to names of saints in the bible- Saint John, Saint Paul, Saint George, Saint Peter (originAl drummer Pete Best).

Bilderberger – Bilderberger group is the name of a group of ruling elite who hold a meeting every year to discuss the agenda of complete enslavement of the human race. Bilder (picture) + berg (large mass or something big) - so bilderberg meAns ‘big picture’; it is in fact the ‘big picture’ that is decided at Bilderberger meetings by the ruling Elite.

Boris – bor (bear/beast in germAn) ; is (represEnts feminine Energy), trAnslating into ‘femAle beast/bear’.


Caesar –The roman title "Caesar" is still in use in the name of agencies like CIA and ASAR. Cea-zer -CIA/ASAR

Carlos SAntAna – carlos (strong) + sAntAna (satAn), trAnslating to ‘strong satAn’.

CathedrAl - cat (whore) + hedra (comes from ‘hydra’ the eight headed serpEnt in Greek mythology) + Al (serpEnt). CathedrAl literAlly trAnslates to ‘whore of the serpEnt Al’.

Catholic – cat (whore) + hol (whole/hole), which cAn be interpreted as ‘the hole of the whore’. The context can be derived from the real meaning of Cathedral.

ChAnnEl – ch (to pass through) + An (femAle serpEnt Energy or mother serpEnt Energy) + El (mAle serpEnt Energy)

Charles – This popular name amongst British RoyAl Family comes from the name of the notorius historicAl figure ‘Charlemagne’.

Ch-ur-ch – Ch (the legacy or chAnnEl) of Ur (AnciEnt city of Mesopotamia which was located in Iraq). The ‘Church’ is femAle counterpart of ‘cathedrAl’.

ChristiAn - christ (the Anointed one) + i (Energy) + An (serpEnt)

Cleopatra – leo (lion/beast)/cleo (‘illustrious’ in greek) + patra (stone). Cleopatra thus is "stony beast".

Columbia/Columbus – rElates to lumba (back bone/spinAl column) the place where the serpEnt Energy (kundAlini ) travEls.


Dame – stems from ‘dam’ (whEn you're damned you're sEnt to hEll/ into darkness). ‘Adam’ is opposite to ‘dam’ And represEnts the one who lives on the surface.

David - rElated to the ‘dravidiAns’ who are the originAl ‘draconiAns’ (serpEnt race). The ‘Star of David’ thus relates to the star of the dravidiAns/draconiAns.

Da vinci – comes from the same root as Da-vi-d

DegEnerate – de (reversing) + gEnetic + rate (progress)

Demi Moore – demi (hAlf) + moore (ghoul: moor has ghoulish connotation in celtic tales)

DiAna/DiAne - ‘dayAn ‘ in sAnskrit meAns ‘a very evil womAn’ . Di (two) + An (mother serpEnt Energy) cAn also be seEn as ‘mother of two serpEnts’.

DionysiAn – di (two) + onys (once) + siAn (sion/zion) ; two beasts in one.

Doctor - to doctor something means to fraud/plagarise/mAnipulate/Engineer something. It is strAnge thEn that this is the term given to Al-lo-pathic medic-al practitioners.

Dom - meAns ‘cathedrAl’ in germAn. This is a commonly used suffix in En-g-lish as in Kingdom etc. It also forms the prefix of words like Dom-inion.

Douglas - meAns ‘blood river’/ ‘dark blue river’ (royAl blood). The royal bloodline is often associated with blue blood

Dow - to give EndowmEnt, comes from the word ‘owl’ (‘owl’ is the symbol of the vedic goddess Laxmi who rules over money And riches). It is no surprise then that Dow Jones is the richest stock exchAnge in the world.

DraconiAn – dra (the root serpEnt power, hEnce the word ‘dragon’) + con (wily) + iAn (‘meAns ‘energy of An’)


Edinburgh or EdEn-burgh – is the most importAnt cEntre for the illuminati, hEnce the phrase "Rome was, London is, Edinburgh shAll be…". Edinburgh trAnslates into ‘City of the Lion/of the Gad’ (Gad is short for ‘Cat’). It is supposed to be the reAl JerusAlem mEntioned in the bible And where the gardEn of ‘EdEn’ was located. The description of ‘JerusAlem’ in the bible suits the terrain And lAndmarks of Edinburgh perfectly And Edinburgh is where the port of ‘Joppa’ is located. Other names for Edinburgh are ‘Kaer EdEn’, Dun Gad, Giu Di, Ail- Garth (place of the jews of Gad) And Khaoni (place of Chaos).

Elizabeth - e+liza (lizard) + beth (meAns ‘born of). Elizabeth means born of a lizard. Note - Beth forms root of words like bethsemEne, bethAny, bethlehem.

En - is the originAl serpEnt

Engine - ‘En’ at beginning And reverse of 'En' - ‘Ne’ at End meAning serpEnt’s mouth And tail forming a complete loop; which is basically the Engine concept of continous rotation.

EnglAnd - Eng (driving force as in the word ‘Engine’). ‘EnglAnd’ is literAlly the Engine that runs the world. Also En's (serpEnt) + glAnd (vitAl orgAn controller).

English - En (serpEnt) + gl (short for lAnguage or lAndgauge) + ish (feminine Energy). ‘English’ is the ‘lAndgauge’ for controlling the feminine Energy. English is the lAnguage which runs the world.

Enlist – to list yoursElf into ‘En’s’ army

Enrol – you have to Enrol in university (universe city)

Er – is Another common suffix which rElates to mAnipulation (not what is) to ‘Er’ as in ‘error’. To err is to go against nature, some faultiness involved.

EssEnes – were a serpEnt people, ‘ss’ + ‘En’

Eve - is evEning, sunset, darkness. Adam is dawn, sunrise, light.

Ex-p- An-sion – Ex (growth, after) + PAn (goat god) + An (serpEnt) + sion (zion, AnciEnt kingdom) . ExpAnsion meAns growth of pAn's /An's kingdom.


Ford – meAns ‘fraud’ ( anagram of fraud-frod)

Fr/An/ce – Fr (birthed out of) + An (serpEnt) + ce (time period same as AD "Anno Dominus")

FrAnk – Again Birthed out of An

FrAnkEnstein – Fr+An+K+En+stein; Birthed out of An and En.

FrAnklin RoosevElt/BEnjamin FrAnklin – Lin means creature. Combining this with the meaning of Frank we get "a creature birthed out of An". It is important to note the enormous effect these two individuAls had on the destiny of America as a Nation.

From – Fr + Om. Fr (birthed out of) i.e All is birthed from ‘Om’ (first sound in the universe)


Gargoyles – gar (home/clAn) + goyles (ghouls/demons); home of demons. Thus it is no surprise that gargoyles are found adorning all major cathedrals, churches, castles in Europe & America.

GEnesis – gEne (gEnetics had beEn happEning much before the time of GEnesis) + isis (EgyptiAn queEn). The gEne pool of the ruling DraconiAn Elite is propagated through the queEns – as in honey bees , Ants etc.)

GEne + home – ‘gEnome’ – became later ‘gnome’ – who were probably a hybrid gEne group they created. Elves (El’s childrEn) are more of a root race And gnomes were artificiAlly created later.

GEnerate – gEne-rate; rate of chAnge of gEnetic structure; Also meAns chAnge of gEnes /gEnetic structure

GEneration comes out of gEne-rate– coming from the same gEne pool – ‘ration’ is measure so a measure of your gEnes

GEnie – a being that cAn produce Anything. MAnipulation of gEnes cAn produce Anything. The Asuras (sAnskrit word fordemons ‘) have Enough gEne mAnipulation technology to give their servAnts – politiciAns , sciEntists etc. - long disease free life.

GEntiles – GEn (gEne) + tiles (reptiles). The jewish race had reptiliAn gEnes inserted into them, that’s why Hitler was intEnt on taking them out, because he considered them a degEnerate race, or a gEnetic experimEnt gone wrong.. a dead End race which would not be able to replicate the potEntiAl of originAl humAn gEne pool. All his experimEnts were to isolate the purest originAl gEne pool. So he committed gEnocide – gEne immolation. He thought the humAn race had gottEn weak due to mixing of gEnes.

GEntlemEn/GEntilemEn - g-'En'-t-'El'-m-'En'. A hybrid species of humAns reptilles, 'gEn' from 'gEnesis', And 'tilles' from 'reptilles'

George – Anagram of the word ‘ogre’ (the word orgy derived from it).

GermAny – Ger (spear) + mAn (y being silEnt). LiterAlly trAnslates to spear mAn.

Gerome – ‘Rome’ is derived from this word. ‘Ge’ words are derived from ‘GEne’

Glamis (The spooky official home of the British Royals)– The name ‘glamis’ is brokEn down as glam (illusion) + is (hAlf of isis). Many strange happenings including tales of frankensteiniAn monsters howling have been associated with this castle.

Goblin – Gob meAns mouth in Scottish, therefore goblin trAnslates to the being who eats or ‘gobbles’.

Gregory/Gregor – Anagrams of "Ogre". Mcgregor and surnames like that come out of the same progression.


Hamlin - Piglike being (ham), e.g Pied Piper of Hamlin.

HAn - Old English for john or jack. Jack extEnding to ‘jackAl’.

HAnsEl & GretEl - Famous fairy tAle, hAn meAning ‘jackAl’, And El coming from ‘serpEnt El’.

HAnson - Son of a jackAl.

Harrison - DescEndAnt of Harry. Harrison Ford stars in Star Wars And IndiAna Jones, two notorious propagAnda movies courtesy of George Lucas And StevEn SpiElberg. Words like harassmEnt are derived from the same root.

Harry - Comes from the same root as the word harrass. It is actually a demonic modification (note the double r) of "Hari" the Sanskrit term for Vishnu ( the preserver of the cosmos).

WhEn Harry Met SAlly – ‘Harra’ is a sAnkrit word meAning one who takes away, ‘har’ is An army teutonic term And ‘sAl’ meAns to make right. CAn be trAnslated into ‘harrassmEnt meets diplomacy’.

Hearg - MeAns sacred idle or grove in german.

HEll - Home of El. (‘H’ is used to express the containmEnt of something, in this case the serpEnt El).

HEnry/Heinrich – Of the same root as the word heinous. Also has royAl significAnce as ‘rich’ comes from ‘reik’ An old germAn word meAning kings.

HEnry Kissinger - Kiss as in hiss of serpEnts.

Hess – More like ‘hiss’.

Histories – Rather ‘his’ stories.

Holika – A demoness in sAnskrit.

Holy Bible – Holy (demon roots, cAn be traced back to the demoness ‘holika’) + bible (babEl) = demon’s babEl, designed to confuse.

Hollywood – Holly comes from the SAnskrit word ‘holi’, a name for a daughter of a demon. Wood meAns residEnce. Hollywood literAlly trAnslates to ‘the residEnce of the demon’s daughter’. Holly's wood is also known to be used to make magician's wands.

HospitAl - Hos+pit+al … Al's pit or pit of the serpEnt Al. Words like hostile And host are derived from the same root ‘hos’. So hospital is basically a hostile pit of An. No wonder they are cold, steely and creepy - think twice next time you donate blood to any of these sinister places.

HumAn - H + Uman; UmAn is An Anagram for ‘MAnu’ the progEnitor of the humAn race in Vedic mythology.

Hussein - Son of the serpEnt hu. (‘ss’ represEnts the serpEnt Energy And ein meAns created by An)


IAn – ‘I’ is Energy, so the shakti ( sAnskrit term for ‘universAl feminine Energy’) of An.

IndiAna Jones - IndiAna basicAlly meAns India And Jones meAns to doublecross e.g Dow Jones (New York stock exchAnge). The literAl meAning of IndiAna Jones is to doublecross India, which was the sinister motif behind the film.

Ine – A suffix which meAns ‘bElonging to’ as in PAlestine ‘bElonging to PAles’ etc. Ine is Also a common feminine term And cAn meAn ‘the daughter of’ as in MersEne ‘daughter of mertle’.

IntElligEnce – Contains ‘El’, ‘En’, And ‘ce’ which All come from the serpEnt root. ‘GEn’ represEnts gEne. Therefore intElligEnce is directly associated with the serpEnt or reptiliAn gEne. If one removes the ‘t’ from ‘intElligEnce’ one gets ‘in ElligEnce’ or ‘in AllegiAnce’. The ‘t’ represEnts ‘titAns’ (demons), so to have ‘intElligEnce’ is to be ‘in AllegiAnce with demons or the serpEnt "Al".

Ipswich - a town in England meaning "witch of ip". English towns have the most obvious sinister names which most people take for granted. For example there is a town called Devils Bridge and another called Whipping-Ham. There is even one called Egypt near Burn-Ham beeches!

IsabElla – LizabElla (femAle lizard).

Ishtar - Tar is the root of words like tarnish, therefore ‘ishtar’ represEnts the negative side of feminine Energy.

Islam - Is (from isis) And lam meAning one who bears seeds or feeds. Islam trAnslates to feeding of isis the serpEnt queEn, or the seed of the serpEnt queEn. CAn Also be pronounced ‘isElam’. ‘Elam’ And ‘amEn’ are the same things.

IsraEl – ‘Is’ represEnts ‘Isis’, ‘ra’ represEnts the ElemEnt fire And ‘El’ represEnts the serpEnt ‘El’.


Jackson – Jack +son or Son of a jackAl.

James – Jam-Es meAns to supplAnt or take by force And replace with Another. James is a popular name for British Royalty. The root word ‘Jam’ represEnts the pulverizing or destroying of An originAl idEntity.

Jesus – A code name for Lucifer. "Sus" or "Suss" is a serpEnt derivative word And Je corrElates to ‘ya’ .

Jesus Christ - ‘Jes’ is Also found in words like ‘Jest’ which meAns to mock so one cAn Also say ‘Mock Anointed One’ ( Christ comes from Christos meaning "the anointed one".

John - John comes from the root JoAnne; ‘jo’ is offspring and so once again we get An’s offspring.

(So what they did, was to travEl backward millEnia of years in time, to re seed themsElves into our thEn nascEnt race. They did this in order to try to splice themsElves like a scion graft onto their own root stem. This became the priori de scion. The prior brAnch. Which then became Jon, or the bloodline of John.)


KhAn – ‘Kh’ or ‘Kha’ represEnts the universAl feminine Energy. KhAn cAn therefore symbolise the Shakti of serpEnt An. Other meAnings of KhAn are ‘pit’ And ‘coAl mine’. KhAn cAn Also meAn ‘leader’ as in GEnghis KhAn, infamous leader of the Mongols. KhAn is An extremEly common name in Bollywood (major IndiAn film industry) and middle eastern countries.

King – ‘K’ represEnts originAl life force, And ‘ing’ is the name of a rune, the ‘ing’ rune, which meAns the completion of successful Enterprise. Therefore ‘king’ is the conclusion of the origin, however ‘ing’ does not refer to the past but what is happEning in the presEnt. "Cain" was the title for rulers in Babylon. This Cain later became King.

Knight – ‘K’ represEnts the originAl life force or Energy, And ‘night’ symbolises darkness. Therefore ‘knights’ are the embodimEnt of the dark forces, e.g The Knight’s Templar And The Knights of the Round Table etc.


Learn is Anagram of El, An And ar

Leonardo - ‘Leo’ is the constEllation of the lion And ‘nardo’ meAns monster. Leonardo literAlly meAns ‘lion monster’.

Leonardo de Caprio – Leo -Nardo (lion monster) plus Caprio (capricious) equAls Capricious Lion Monster.

Lin – Common suffix meAning ‘creature’.

Lizard- In sAnskrit a word for serpEnt is ‘aslesha’. A lot of names arise from lizard/aslesha such as ‘Eliza’, ‘Alisha’, ‘Lisa’ .

Loch Ness – Lake (loch) of the serpEnt (ness).

London – ‘Lon’ meAns lion or beast And ‘don’ meAns head. London trAnslates into ‘Head of the Beast’. No wonder London was the capitAl of the British Empire which overtly ruled 75% of the world.

Lucy/Luke – Lucy is a short form for Lucifer (the presiding deity of the illuminati). Popular shows like ‘I Love Lucy’ attain brand new meanings in this light. Lucis Trust (the primary new age catalyst) is once again emphasizing the Luciferian connection. All names like Lucille are just extension of the same root.

Lucas - The famous hollywood producer is once again using a short form of Luc-ifer (Luc-as). The hero of the famous Star Wars produced by Geoge Lucas, Luke Skywalker, also reduces to Luke-S or Lucas .


Mac – meAns ‘son of’

MacdonAlds – ‘son of donAld’ or similar to ‘Macedonia’

MacdowEll – Mac (son of) + dowEll (owl)

Magna Carta – magna (in sAnskrit comes from the word ‘magha’ which meAns king/royAlty) + carta (sAnskrit word ‘karta’ meAns ‘doer’) so Magna Carta trAnslates as ‘the doing of the king’

MAnis – mEnace

Margaret – ‘mara’ is sAnskrit for ‘killing’.

Mary - in hebrew meAns ‘bitter’.

MEntAl – like mAny words using the combination ‘En’ And ‘Al’

Messiah - Me+ss+i+ah meAns "of the reptiles juices" literAlly or ‘fed by ReptiliAn Blood'

Messrs – comes from the word "messiah"

MichaEl – The archAngEl MichaEl is the same being as the Vedic god HAnumAn. MichaEl is Another way of saying "archAngEl".

Mickey Mouse – ‘ mickey’ is usuAlly associated with the phrase ‘to take the mickey out of’ or to make a fool of. Mickey Mouse was a character made up by Walt Disney to symbolise the mickey THEY made of american people.

Mona Lisa – Mon (‘mon’ refers to monster)+a + lisa (lizard). So the idolised monalisa smile is basically a monster lizard revelling in the fact that it is fooling you right in the face and you can't see it!

Money – uses the root Mon (monster)

Monica – mon (monster) + ica (icon) or ‘iconic monster’

Monte Carlo – ‘carlo’ meAns strong. ‘strong monster’

Monte Christo – ‘Anointed monster’

Mont-ReAl – mont (monster) + reAl (same as ‘royAl’) = royAl monster

Mor/Mer - meAns ‘death’, ‘dark’ . The famous ‘Merlin’ of the Arthurian Legends would then trAnslate into ‘dark (lin)/creature’. ‘Mer’ Also rElates to the oceAn as in mermaid etc. So ‘Merlin’ cAn Also trAnslate into ‘oceAnic/watery creature’. He was supposed to be born of a mer-maid !

Marlon Brando – Marlon (merlin/watery creature) + brAnda (‘flaming sword’ in germAn)

Mormons - meAns "Demons" in JapAnese

Morphine – ‘morph’ using the root ‘mor’ meAns ‘to chAnge’ – ‘morphine’ is ‘the a being who chAnges its form’. Morphine as a drug changes mental forms.

Moses – ‘mo’ (law) + ‘ses’ (serpEnt) = ‘law of the serpEnt’

Music – mu (to cAll or summon ) + s (short for ‘serpEnt’) + ic (vessEl) = ‘a vessEl for summoning the serpEnt’


Nova - new , nine or star

NovEl – nov (new) + El (serpEnt) = ‘a new serpEnt idea’

Nurse - is one who administers serums ( seru and urse are anagrams). ‘Serums’ are the ‘sAliva of serpEnts’.


Ogre - cAn be traced back to the sAnskrit term ‘ugra ’ meAning ‘violEnt’. ‘Ugra’ Also finds itself in ‘Hungary’. The "royal court of the dragon" opened by its then emperor in 18th century is still operative in Hungary!

Ophis – is greek for ‘snake’ . All words like Opus, Operation, Open, Oppenhiemer etc are absed on this root.

Other - ‘oth’ are ‘egyptiAn gods’

Origin – Ori+g+in comes from the word ‘Orion’, a constEllation which is said to be the origin of humAnity.

Oxford - ox (symbolic of the zodiac sign taurus/earth) + ford (fraud) = 'fraud perpetuated on earth'. The main dictionary for the English lAnguage is the ‘Oxford Dictionary’.


PAn/P-An - AnciEnt saturn god/goat god.

PhAllus – phAl (pEnis) + lus (lucifer) = pEnis of lucifer. In sAnskrit a zodiac constEllation cAlled ‘Purva phAlguni’ rules over the gEnitAl area.

Pharaoh - ‘pha’ ( comes from ‘phAl’ or ‘pEnis’) + ‘ra’ (fire, which we take in its negative connotations) + ‘oh’ (originAl one)

Phil - hostile invader, Also rElates to ‘phAllus’. This gives a whole new slAnt to names like "PhilodElphia".

Phillip - phAlus of ip

Phillip of macedonia – phil (hostile) + ip (a particular origin) + mac (son of) +donia = ’Ip’s hostile son of Donia.

Philistine/PAlestine = "bElonging to/ lAnd of phil"

Philosophy - phil (phAllus/hostility) + sophy (doctrine) = the doctrine of phil/ doctrine of hostility

Pitt, brad – brad (bad) + pitt (‘pitta’ is ‘fire’ in sAnskrit) = ‘bad fire’

Pittsburgh – Pitt (fire) + s (serpEnt connotation) + burgh (city) = City of the SerpEnt fire.

Pl-An - is basically plot of ‘An’

Poke Mon - pocket monster

Presley, Elvis - pres (the first among) + Elvis (Elf) = the first among Elves ! This stage name was given to him by the music industry. Stage names given to most artisties by Entertainment industry carry sinister connotations like hollywood actor Gene Hackman - Hacking the Genes Man ?!! How about Prunella *Scales* ( a famous english actress ) for a name?

Prince/Princess - pr (opposite of) + in (the good femAle Energy ing - fertility) + ce (refers to A.D. or the time of An’s domination). Princess has the double ‘ss’.

Privy – Earth used to be cAlled ‘prithvi’ in sAnskrit. So ‘privy’ (meAning ‘in the know’) actuAlly rElates to the privileged few who have knowledge of earth’s reAl roots.

Pythagoras – pytha (python) + goras (ogre/gore) = the gory python. Pythagoras was the disciple of ‘Socrates’ (which is Another name for the sAnkrit god ‘shukra charya’ who is the preceptor of the demons in vedic mythology).


QueEn – qu (similar to ‘kh/chi’ represEnting the ‘lifeforce’ which is feminine in nature) + ‘En’ (originAl serpEnt) = the femAle life force of the originAl serpEnt.

QurAn - qu (lifeforce) + An = ‘life force of An’ or ‘book of An’. Quran is the text on which all of the Muslim religion is based on.


Ra - meAns ‘fire’ (In sAnskrit ‘Ra-ma’ (a bEnevolEnt king) would represEnt good fire, And ‘Ra-vAna’ (a mAlefic king) would represEnt bad fire). Other examples :- words like ‘RadiAnt’ is good fire, whereas ‘Rap’, ‘Rave’, ‘RavEn’, ‘Rape’ are All bad fire.

Rapha - in herbrew meAns evil spirits/demons

RaphaEl – rapha (demon) + El (serpEnt)

Red- whEnever red is used as a prefix it gEnerAlly rElates to ‘blood’.

Rich - rich (reich/reik meAning kings)

Richard BrAnson – Rich (kings) + brAn (ravEn/crow) + son of = comes from a line of kings, who is son of a crow

Richard Gere – Rich (kings) + Gere (‘ger’ in germAn meAns ‘spear’)

Rome – in sAnkrit this term rElates to ‘one’s hair stAnding on End’

Rothschild – child of wrath, roth, ruthlessness.

Ruth – ruthless


SamuEl – ‘SamuEl’ is the same being as ‘Enki’. ‘Sama – El’ trAnslates into ‘the serpEnt of time’.

SAnta Clause- SatAn’s clause/claws

Sarah: Sa+Ra+H – Sa here stands for Saturn and Ra for Sun. Sarah is therefore the daughter of Sun God and The Goddess of Shadow. Saturn was also produced out of the same union.

Sax Coburg Gotha – The real german house of the Windsors (present british Royalty) showing their Gothic roots.

Saxons – brits

Sco - is the root of words like ‘scorn’, ‘scold’, ‘scope’, ‘score’, ‘scorpio’, ‘scholar’. We cAn say that it is An abbreviated way of saying ‘Scorpion’s sting’.

ScotlAnd - sco (scorpion) + t (here meAns tri or 3) + lAnd = lAnd of 3 scorpions

Scholar - one learned in ways of the scorpion

Sex – serpEnt + X; X (same as cross) has disturbing connotations as in XXX for danger.

ShEll – Sh (she) + El (serpEnt) = she-serpEnt.

Shukriya – is the main greeting of moslems but it is Another way of saying "May VEnus be with you". ‘Shukra’ in sAnskrit represEnts the plAnet ‘VEnus’. Shukricharya (a being considered to be the ruler of VEnus) is the preceptor of the demons And the main advisor behind the demon’s mAnipulation today, which is nothing but a perverted mAnipulation of ‘VEnusiAn’ Energy. In astrology, the plAnet VEnus rules over the sign Libra, which represEnts rElationships, sex, image And courtesy. We cAn see how much image And sex/rElationship is promoted to the masses so their attEntion does not stray to Any deeper or importAnt issue. ‘Courtesy’ is a heavily promoted form of behaviour which stops people from raising issues, criticising others, fighting injustices And keeps them in a sedated state.

Sion – was An AnciEnt kingdom but it Also rElates to a particular coordinate point on earths surface, most probably in Babylon ( Sion is used as a term for latitude in Sanskrit)

Sir – short for ‘serpEnt’ or 'sir-pent'.

Socrates – Socra + tes -> Shukra + tes -> Shukra Charya (the preceptor of the demons in the AnciEnt IndiAn mythology).

Solomon – ‘solo monster’ ; Also sol (sun) And mon (moon)

Sony- is An Angram of ‘onys’ which meAns ‘root of one’.

Spain - ‘s’ is used to give the plurAl so meAns ‘multitude’ + pain = multitude of pain

SS – ‘serpEnts’ as in the Nazi SS.

StephEn - steppEn meAns ‘hAlf jackAl ‘ + ‘king’ = hAlf jackAl. StephEn king is

StevEn SpiElberg – ‘SpiEl’ meAns spinning a tAle (giving a spiEl), Also meAns to play chess, And ‘berg’ is a structure like a mountain or ridge, Also meAns large/big mass. StevEn SpiElberg is therefore the one who gives the big spiEl, (reveAler of illumnati agEnda through film).

Suicide – ‘Sui’ meAns sElf And ‘cide’ meAns immolation. Suicide literAlly trAnslates into to ‘sElf immolation’. Other examples of ‘cide’ words are pestocide (pest immolation), insectocide (insect immolation) And decide (choosing one idea over Another causing the immolation of An idea).


TElevision – T + El + vision - ‘El's vision’ with a sinister 'T'. ‘T ‘ represEnts the asuras (sAnskrit term for ‘demons’), through the root ‘titAns’. TitAns were a race of demons in Greek mythology.

Texas – ‘tax us’ ?!!

ThailAnd – ‘Tha’ (Elder sister) + IAnd = Elder sister's lAnd

Tibet - ti (titAns) + bet (beth or born of) = born of titAns

Time - is a demonic term, using the ‘ti’ (titAns) prefix. ‘Time Warner’ And ‘Time magazine’ are giAnts among the media corporations. Dime, Prime are other words made from the "ime" suffix.

TitAnic – ‘ic’ rElates to a vessEl, so the famous ship ‘TitAnic’ was a vessEl for titans (demons). It was built to be dEliberatEly destroyed as it carried importAnt members of a faction of the illuminati who had differEnces of oppinion with the rest of illuminati.

Twe – Mars, the greek god of war - seen in Tuesday.

Tom/Thomas - ‘tom’ rElates to 'destruction' which is why it is used in terms like ‘tomahawke’ ( a cruise missile ).

Tut - An - kh - amEn - Tu (to teach , inform) + An (serpEnt)+ kh (lifeforce) + amEn (I am serpEnt) = the informer of the serpEnt’s Energy.


Ulysses – Uly+ss+es ; Angry serpEnt

Universe – uni (one) + verse (version/timEline). Asuras (demons) try to Alter reAlity by making differEnt timElines, but All merge into the one timEline.

Uraeous – EgyptiAn serpEnt deity. The term just means "serpent of Ur". Ur is the babylonian connection - Ur was the capital of Babylon and seat of illuminati power.


VEnus - v (short for ‘victory’) + En (serpEnt) + us (group) = preceptor of ‘En’s group.

Victoria – victory; shares origins with vic-ar ( old term for the ruling authority ); queEn victoria was a pawn in their game. They utilized her immense luck (due to past life events which we can't go into detail here) to attain victory over most of the globe ( They did everything in her name; every battle was faught in her name ).


WAlt Disney – notice the mixture of Al, En (ne) And is.

Warner – ‘one who warns’. Because of the ‘er’ it meAns giving fAlse or wrong warning. This gives a whole new meAning to ‘Warner Brothers’.

Webster's – is the chief English dictionary. ‘Web’ is a trap And ‘ster’ meAns maker = so Webster’s is basically a ‘maker of traps’.

Wight means ‘interdimEnsionAl Entities’ … so the Isle of Wight (where mAny black magic rituAls And sacrifices take place) is the ‘islAnd of interdimEnsionAl Entities.

William/ WilhElm - literAlly meAns ‘will I am’. Also will (resolute) + iam/hElm (guardiAn, protector).


X-Mas - It is strAnge how Christ ( Christ-mas ) is easily substitued by X ( a sinister letter as explained earlier ).


Yellow - Y + El + Low or Why is El Low ? Yellow is the colour of Brihaspati , the preceptor of the Gods who are always trying to vanquish the demons.


Zen - Z+En – The Omega of En ( or everything about En ). No wonder this hodge podge of a philo-sophic-Al system gained popularity in the west through illuminati backing.

The readers who carry out further research into other English words and Christian names will find that the same sinister pattern shown above repeating itself. Why is lan-guage a land-gauge is difficult to explain here and would require a whole article to itself. We will leave the readers with a hint - The legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail...

* * *


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