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Hopi storm painting
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Rainy violet you come down
Showering on the earth so brown
No time to think and wonder why
Which is better the Earth or the Sky 

Rainy violet you lose your own
A martyr to the seeds they have sown
But the world goes round and round
And once again they'll be sorrow bound
Rainy violet you come down
Blistering on those painful clowns
Please be sure to where your loyalties lie
With the Men on Earth or Gods in the Sky 
Rainy violet you come down
Regardless of those laughs and frowns
A funny feeling it may be true
Just want to know why I feel like you

Freedom The earth is to a stone As a Self crowded to alone, Leaves are to a tree As action to the free.
Reaching Out Words, words, words Words mere words How could words Touch thy soul. I , my , mine I tiny I How could I Touch thy soul
Non- Duality Just like the air kisses all The pure, the foul , the mountains and the sea The Paramatman manifests through all Completely unaffected by all that could ever be.
Realisation Bathing infinitely in an ocean unknown Enjoying the fruits of the tree i have grown Till the day it all comes to pass Flushed in the radiance the Mother has shown.
Divine Offerings Would it be sweet, the nectar so Would it smell , an unborn bud, Would it be fresh, the fruit to be, Would it know , the mind untouched
Visions Visions if you wish to find Flowing from your fanciful mind, For their is only One Light And others just chains to bind.
One Way to the One, is the way to go Knowing , nothing is left to know, Merge in the One, the eternal luminous glow Showing , nothing is left to show Reverence to the One, to whom all you owe Bowing , nothing is left to bow.
Extremities Would you know the infinite , If you couldn't fathom the void, Would you know the truth, If no one lied.

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