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      To: thehopi@aztec.asu.edu (Hopi Information Network)
    From: Prashant (Prash) Trivedi
    Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997

    Dear Hopi Brothers and Sisters,

    Before starting this letter we would like to salute the
    revered spiritual elders of the Hopi People.

    We would also like to make a special mention for Dan Evehema
    of the Roadrunner and Greasewood clan , who presently is the
    oldest surviving interpreter of the traditional Hopi
    spiritual leaders.

    We pray for his good health, as his importance far outweighs
    any treasure in this world.

    We, Prashant Trivedi and Arup Mitra,(both Engineers) from
    New Delhi, India, are convinced that the Hopis have valuable
    insight into the human condition and the evolution of human
    destiny over the next few years.

    We are traveling overland across Asia and Europe and hope to
    reach Arizona by the Spring of 1998.

    As you are aware, your tradition and philosophy is inspiring
    a lot of people all over the world.

    The artists (Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and others) have
    helped to spread your message all over the globe.

    It is to them and will of the Creator we are thankful that
    your message should reach us in India, a land far off from
    your land.

    The fact that man is ravaging and plundering earth's
    resources and in doing so the damage he is inflicting on
    Mother Earth and the Nature abounding her is known to your

    Your people are also aware of the fact that this mindless
    exploitation and degradation of our planet cannot go on any
    further if humanity has to survive.

    It seems appropriate to use the words of a native Indian
    Chief to convey this idea perfectly - "man did not weave the
    web of life and is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does
    to the web, he does to himself."

    Though a number of indigenous people and tribes exist all
    across the globe, we can safely say that none of them have
    as deep an insight into the condition of Mother Earth and
    the wisdom to deal with it as our Hopi brothers.

    This wisdom and insight has come from centuries of close
    association with nature.

    We have not reached this conclusion about the Hopi people in
    a haste.

    It has been borne out of the ancient wisdom of Indian
    philosophy which transcends even the starting of time band
    the limits of our present universe.

    The sayings of other indigenous people are also correct in
    their own accord but are in no way as selfless as the Hopi

    Even the Hopi address to the UN  was directed towards
    warning humanity of the dangers it might face if it carries
    on the way it is doing now.

    The address could also have been used for putting forth the
    problems faced by the Hopi people.

    It is this sincerity and devotion to the cause of mother
    earth and its inhabitants that stirs our hearts and minds
    and attracts us to our western brothers.

    An inner voice is guiding us closer and closer to your

    We are looking forward to meeting you in person in your own

    We would like to represent the ancient culture, tradition
    and philosophy of the holy land - India, rather than
    represent any society or organization.

    Societies and organization across the world who claim to
    know the spiritual way and mean to promote peace and harmony
    do so only in speech and not in action.

    Most of them are not heeding the nature's warning of the
    coming destruction.

    This is the main reason we are not willing to bind ourselves
    to any organization for 'Truth' follows no sect.

    Receiving an invitation from you would not only help in
    fructification of our efforts but also boost our already
    strong faith in our Hopi Brothers.

    The time has come for east and west to get together one more
    time and "The Great Purification" is closer than we all

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Prashant Trivedi and Arup Mitra


A Message from India - Hopi Vedic Parallels By: Prash Trivedi Though a number of indigenous people and tribes exist all across the globe, it can be safely said that none of them have as deep an insight into the condition of Mother Earth and the wisdom to deal with it as our Hopi brothers. They are the chosen ones of the Creator as they were granted permission to hold in trust all land and life for the great Spirit at the time of emergence of the Fourth world, of the Hopis or the present age. This conclusion about the Hopi people has not been reached in a haste. It has been borne out of the wisdom of ancient Indian philosophy which transcends even the starting of time and boundaries of our present Universe. According to the ancient Indian scriptures the creator "Param Brahma or Adi Purusha" created the Universe through his creative power "Adi Shakti" in a plan which comprised of three axes and several vibratory centres along these axes. So, the creative power of Mother nature had a threefold existence with seven main vibratory centres along the central axis, echoing the primordial sound "AUM" of life throughout the universe. Everything in the visible Universe from the smallest to biggest is made on the basis of this plan. These seven centres also exist inside the body of man as man is made in the image of the creator. The central axis in man lies along his backbone. The primordial power "Kundalini Shakti" lies in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine. The awakening of this power and its journey through the seven centres is the first step in the process of self realisation. Through this realisation comes the wisdom to exist in harmony with Mother nature and the capacity to realise the actionless, omnipresent, and eternal Creator. These vibratory centres also exist in the Mother earth. The Hopis also have a similar perception of the creation of the universe by the Ultimate Creator "Taiowa". There is an idea of Mother nature as a Spiderwoman who is responsible for the creation of these vibratory centres which echo the sound of the creator. The Hopi wisdom is also aware of the central axis and man's axis being the backbone which controls the equilibrium of his movements and functions. The Hopi legend also talks about "Palatkwapi" or the Red House located somewhere in central America having four storeys and on the top storey there is learning of planets and stars. In this story man also learnt about the "Open Door" in the top of their heads, how to keep it open and converse with the Creator. This "Open Door" of Hopi mythology is the same as the seventh centre on the central axis, and is called "Sahastrara" - the Thousand petalled lotus in the Hindu scriptures. When the primordial power or the "Kundalini" is able to pass through the last centre one can commune with the Creator. With time, detailed knowledge about these centres were lost among the Hopi people, but it can still be found in the holy land of India. India has time and again seen the incarnations of the Great Spirit, who have kept alive this knowledge throughout the ages. Knowledge of the ancient Indian scriptures strongly indicates that the area known as the "Four Corners", where the Hopis have settled is an important vibratory centre which will cause the emergence of the new age which is known as the Fifth World by the Hopi people. Lets consider some facts: > The Hopi believe the Creator of Man is a woman. > The Sumerians believed the Creator of Man was a woman. Vedic tradition and most of the other ancient civilization believe in the feminine aspect of the creator. Vedic tradition calls her as Prakriti (mother nature) or Shakti (creative force responsible for weaving the web of life). Interestingly, the Hopi regard her as Spiderwoman i.e the one who has woven the web of life. This was the predominant thinking of most of the civilizations during the Age of Cancer, the mother sign, which lasted from around 8000B.C to 6000B.C. > The Hopi believe the Father Creator is KA. > The Sumerians believed the Father Essence was KA. The vedic tradition also believes that the root of the father essence is 'KA' which is the first alphabet of Sanskrit, the primary language of the Vedic tradition. > The Hopi believe Taiowa, the Sun God, is the Creator > of the Earth. The Sumerians believe TA.EA was the > Creator. The Vedic tradition also believes that the earth was born out of the Sun and has been nourished by it ever since. The Sun is seen and worshipped as the material representation of the one true God, the eternal creator provider and destroyer, in both the cultures. > The Hopi believe two brothers had guardianship of the > Earth. The Sumerians believed two brothers had dominion > over the Earth. Almost all the cultures including the Egyptians, Mayans, Assyrians, Phoenicians, and the Jews have this concept of twin gods or brothers presiding over the affairs of the earth. This concept arises from the dual nature of the world we live in symbolized by Gemini, the sign of the twins, and worship of these twin gods was at its peak in the Age of Gemini ranging from around 4000 B.C to 2000 B.C. > The Hopi believe Akush to be the Dawn Katsina. The > Sumerians believed AK.U to be Beings of light. The Sanskrit word for sky, most preferably for the dawn time which is considered the most sacred time, is 'Akash'. > The Hopi name for the Pleaides is ChooChookam. The > Sumerians believed SHU. SHU.KHEM were the supreme > stars. Though Pleaides are significant to the Hopi people the real significance is given to the Great Bear or the seven sisters constellation. Hopi believe that they came to earth from one of the stars in the Great Bear in a big spaceship and the Vedic scriptures have detailed mythology regarding this constellation and the beings that reside there. > The Hopi believe Pahana was the Lost Brother who > would one day return to assist the Hopi and humankind. > The Sumerians would recognize PA.HA.NA as an Ancestor > from heaven who would return. This fact that the name of the 'Saviour' matches exactly is quite remarkable. Again, almost every religion and culture has a concept and a name for the saviour who would appear at the end of the present age. The fact that we are all brothers and sisters is not a philosophical or emotional rhetoric. There is also no doubt that the puzzle to find our common ancestory is complicated but I feel that the pieces are finally falling together. Thus it can be seen that although nearly on the opposite points of the globe, Indians and the Hopis share many common features by the way of religion, philosophy and traditions. Foremost among these is the concern for nature as a life giving force and the symbolism of Earth as the Mother and supporter of humanity. Veda's revere the forces of nature in form of the Gods of the Sun, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Even some plants and trees are the objects of reverence according to the ancient Indian Scriptures. The names of the Hopi people and their way of life is in itself a tribute to the forces of Nature. The fact that man is ravaging and plundering the earth's resources is known to the Hopi people. The Hopi call this imminent condition "Koyaanisqatsi", which means a world out of balance ... a state of life that calls for another way. Even the address to the UN by Mr. Thomas Banyacya, a Hopi Spiritual Elder, was directed towards warning humanity of the dangers it might face if it does not mend its present ways. The address could have been used for putting forth the problems faced by the Hopi people. It is this sincerity and devotion towards Mother Earth and humanity that stirs our hearts and attracts us toward our Hopi brothers. This spirit of sacrifice for the cause of humanity has come because the Hopis have remained to the ancient spirit of their people. So it is important that more number of Hopi people take part in the great ceremonies, that tell them of their origins, their emergence in the forth world and the wisdom for the future. The Hopis cause has found its voice through the songs and music of artists like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. It is through the power of these ceremonies that these messengers were brought to the world to spread the Hopi message all across the globe. We know that the Hopi people have waited patiently for "Pahana" - The true White Brother, as told in your prophesies. But this coming will only be possible if enough of the Hopi people remain true to their ancient spirit and put their faith in the Great Ceremony. The "Great Purification" as told of by the Hopi prophesy, is coming close and so it is a time of great caution. It is the time for east and west to come together as one people because the Hopis and Indians share a common destiny. The patience and perseverance of thousands of years may go waste , because as the Hopi people know that great evil and destruction will befall the world, if they falter at this moment. The historical burden of suffering and injustice on humanity has to be dealt with by the attitude of compassion and love and we pray the Hopi people will rise to occasion.
April 27, 1998 U.S. Embassy Shantipath Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021 India Dear Sir/Ma'am, This is concerning Prashant Trivedi's intention to visit the Hopi spiritual Elders on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona, USA. I would like it to be made of public record that I, Charles DiBella, Director and Site Manager of the Hopi Information Network in Flagstaff, Arizona, is inviting Mr. Trivedi to come to these lands and to meet with the Elders. The Hopi Information Network is a worldwide news gathering and reporting agency, and Mr. Trivedi will be documenting his trip for us while here. Upon completion, he will be sharing the documentation of his experiences with the rest of the world through our computer information network. Currently, the Hopi Information Network has over 45,000 visitors each month who read our information. We wish to make it clear that we are in full support of Mr Trivedi's endeavor to visit with the Hopi Elders and will be making such arrangements for him on our behalf. We are willing and able to bear whatever expenses he may incur while on the Hopilands and in the United States, including boarding, lodging, travel, and consulting. We intend to take full responsibility for Mr.Trivedi's finances for the period which a visitor visa may be issued to him. We are looking forward to having Mr. Trivedi as our guest and wish to thank you for allowing him to come. Sincerely, C. DiBella Director, The Hopi Infomation Network, Flagstaff, Arizona
Introducing Dr. Karan Singh Born heir apparent to Maharaja Hari Singh and Maharani Tara Devi of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Karan Singh was catapulated into political life at the early age of eighteen when, in 1949, he was appointed Regent by his father on the intervention of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Thereafter he was head of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir for the next eighteen years as a Regent, as elected Sadar-i-Riyasat and lastly as Governor. In 1967, Dr. Karan Singh was inducted as a member of the Union Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. At 36, he was the youngest person ever to become a central cabinet minister in India. Presently he is the Chairman of 'Temple of Understanding', a major global Interfaith association. He is also an author of distinction, having written a number of books on political science, philosophical essays, travelogues, and poems in English. For more detailed information on Dr. Karan Singh, visit: Dr. Karan Singh's Homepage - Click here.
Dr.KARAN SINGH Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) 3,Nyaya Marg ChanakyaPuri New Delhi 110021 Tel: (011) 611-7144,611-5291 11 Sept 1997 To Whom It May Concern Three young men from India - Arup Mitra, Prashant Trivedi and Virender Bhatt - having completed their professional training, have decided to undertake an ambitious and adventurous journey. They seek to contact members of the Hopi Tribal Council in Arizona, USA because they are convinced that the Hopis have some valuable insight into the human condition and the evolution of human destiny over the next few years. They are travelling overland across Asia and Europe and hope to reach Arizona by the Spring of 1998. It is appropriate that this journey is being undertaken at a time when the United Nations is observing the Decade of Native People. In a way this is an interfaith endeavour, and as Chairman of the Temple of Understanding, I warmly support their project. I would be grateful for any help and assistance that could be rendered to them on this Journey to the West, so that they can return enriched with new knowledge and insight. Karan Singh
Prashant Trivedi Flagstaff, AZ 86002 USA Dr. Karan Singh 3,Nyaya Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi, India 110021 Dear Dr. Karan Singh, This letter concerns the three individuals whom you met on September 9th 1997 in New Delhi at your office in the India International Center. At that time, we proposed a journey to meet with the Hopi spiritual elders at the Hopi reservation in Arizona, USA. Due to unforeseen circumstances, only one of us, the youngest of the three, has been able to fulfill this mission. I, Prashant Trivedi, take it as my duty to inform you about my dialogue with the Hopi Elders and wish to honour the support and encouragement you bestowed on us during the initial stages of our endeavour. Before I discuss what transpired in my talks, I wish to present you with information detailing a brief history of the events leading up to the present situation on the Hopi reservation. Old Oraibi is the oldest inhabited village on the American continent, and had been the main spiritual center for the Hopi people since the 13th century AD. On September 6th 1906, a split between the 'Traditional' Hopi and the so-called 'Progressive' Hopi led to the formation of a new village called Hotevilla. Hotevilla was formed under the leadership of Chief Yukiuma and other Traditional Hopi, who were forcibly removed from Old Oraibi by the Progressives with encouragement and assistance from agents of the United States government. Progressive Hopi differ from Traditional Hopi insofar as the Progressives have chosen to adopt the ways of the western culture whereas the Traditionals wish to continue following the ways of their ancestors. Since this violent split of their people, the Traditional Hopi have considered their new village, Hotevilla, to be a "shrine of the covenant" made between the ancient and true Hopi people and their Great Spirit or Creator, called Maasaw. The spiritual power of the ceremonies which have been performed by the Hopi since ancient times, along with their precious stone tablets, were transferred to this new village. In 1936, the Progressives, along with the United States government and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, set up a 'puppet' government which is now known as the Hopi Tribal Council. Such a central ruling body is counter to Traditional Hopi beliefs, and since the ruling body first took shape, the Traditional Hopi of Hotevilla have refused to acknowledge it's authority, even when all of the other 13 Hopi villages have decided otherwise. To the discerning eye, time has proved the Traditional Hopi right, but the Progressives still fail to see the error of their ways. Most notably, for reasons of material and economic gain, the Hopi Tribal Council has allowed an outside interest set up a large coal mining operation just north of their villages. This mining operation transports the coal it extracts from the earth through a what is known as a 'slurry pipeline.' A slurry pippeline suspends the coal particles in water, and the process pumps huge amounts of water from the aquifer that provides water to all the Hopi villages. Over the past several years, this aquifer has been severely depleted and geologists estimate that the Hopi water supply will dry up in less than ten years if the process is not stopped. Traditional Hopi are simple farmers who have depended on this aquifer for centuries in order to grow their crops in the dry desert of conditions northern Arizona. Finally, in the course of last few years, the village of Hotevilla has been unofficially divided just as Old Oriabi had been in the past. The Progressives are the majority, and they want to support the Tribal Council and the American way of life. On the otherside is a handful of Traditionalists who are trying desperately to keep the flame of their ancient tradition alive. To this group of endangered Traditionalists belongs the spiritual Elder Dan Evehema, the Eldest of Elders, who is now 105 years old, with whom my talks took place. Dan Evehema was a direct witness to the 1906 split in Old Oriabi, and he is now the principal spokesperson for the spiritual Elders. His closest disciple, Martin Gashveseoma, who is now 75 years old, is the other Elder I had the good fortune of meeting during this visit. He is acknowledged by the Elders to be the Chief of Hotevilla through the legacy of Chief Yukiuma, who was his grandfather. For a very complete picture of these events, you may wish to browse the book entitled "Hotevilla - Hopi Shrine of the Covenant - Microcosm of the World." This book is co-authored by Dan Evehema and Thomas Mails, and was first published in 1995. I found it to be the most accurate account of the present state of affairs on the Hopi reservation, which I have witnessed for myself. Also, it presents the Hopi message to the world straight from the mouth of Dan Evehema and other Traditional Elders. Coming back to my talks, I would first like to mention the warm reception and hospitality bestowed by the Elders and their families on an insignificant stranger from a land which they know little about. I was astonished to hear from them the fact that I was the first visitor from India to visit for an interfaith dialogue. Initially, the talks centered on the similarities between Hopi and Indian beliefs. Like the four ages expounded upon by the vedic scriptures, their faith holds four worlds as well. There are considerable simlarities in the definition and charcteristics of these ages which leads one to speculate that they originated from the same source. We discovered other areas of similarity, including the seven spiritual centers which lie in an axis along the backbone of man, and the four main paths to liberation as described in vedic scriptures. The most interesting similarities we discovered were the repeated use of the Swastika in their ceremonies and rock art, along with their worship of the Sun. From their words it was quite evident that they had great respect for the ancient wisdom of India, and they were keen on further communication between our two heritages. It is a great honour to deliver herein to the people of India a message from these Elders which concerns the coming the "Great Purification" and the emergence of the "Fifth World." The Great Purification is a term used for the upcoming earth changes which will cleanse the earth of man's decadence. Time is short, and the earth, their mother, is angry due to the mindless activities of man and may choose to purify herself in the very near future if man does not change his ways quickly. Ancient Hopi prophecy, which has been handed down to these Traditional Elders from generations past, warn humanity to change its course before it is too late. Hopi prophecy foretold the World Wars of earlier this century, and each of their prophecies are preceded by a number of signs. During our talks, the Elders revealed to me signs preceeding the Great Purification which are coming to pass at this time. The Elders were concerned and dissapointed about the lack of awareness of these concepts in the ancient land of India. The Elders also believe that in the near future all the races will have to unite to share their wisdom in order to evolve a global conciousness in harmony with nature. Before my departure, I was most honoured as the Elders presented me with a sacred planting stick, purified by ceremony. Along with this planting stick, I received three ears of corn used for seed, and detailed instructions concerning how to raise this corn in the most adverse conditions. The Hopi Elders have given to me all they were given by the Great Spirit when they chose to settle in the area now known as the land of the Four Corners. The Hopi are unique as a people insofar as their agricultural techniques are extremely simple and are adaptable to the dry desert land of this area. The Elders say that the first Hopi had chosen to live in this barren desert so that they would always need to pray for rain and thus not lose faith in their ceremonies which maintain their bond with the Mother nature and Creator. They said that the True Hopi people represents the Red race through the authority vested in them by the Creator, Maasaw. Maasaw had given them the sacred stone tablets at the begining of this age along with the following message: "I have nothing here. My life is simple. All I have is my planting stick and seeds. If you are willing to live as I do, and follow my instructions, the life plan I shall give you, you may live here with me and take care of the land. Then you shall have a long, happy and peaceful life." All other races - White, Black, and Yellow have their own stone tablets as well. I noticed a sense of urgency in their message which is borne out of the fact they are losing ground to all their traditions fast. The Hopi young no longer acccept the Wisdom of these Elders as valid, and are blinded by the glamour of the Western way of life. Given the great influx of Western ways into our own culture, and the rapid deterioration of our own religious tradition over the past generation, it would thus be very appropriate at this time to allow the people of India the opportunity to hear their message. Respectfully, Prashant Trivedi email: astrology@karmablueprint.com




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